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Seed & Crop Protection Products

From Seed to Harvest. And everything in between.

When you live and breathe your farm 24/7, 365, you need a partner that does too. At Bayer, we are focused on creating total crop solutions to help you get ahead of the threats to your crops, day after day, season after season. In fact, from seed, traits, seed treatments, herbicides, insecticides and fungicides Bayer has everything you need to minimize risk and maximize yield.


DEKALB. The seed for every season.

Whether it’s your first season, your last season or anything in between, DEKALB is the right choice to help you make the most of it. After all, it’s not about how much seed goes into the ground…It’s about how much comes out.

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Seed Traits

When it comes to protecting yield, it’s in the bag.

Corn. Soybeans. Canola. Whatever you’re growing, our next generation trait technologies are here to help you get the most out of your fields come harvest. When you see a Bayer trait on your bag, you know you’re getting our very best.

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  • Roundup Ready 2 Xtend Soybeans logo
  • VT Double PRO RIB Complete logo
  • Trecepta RIB Complete Corn logo
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Seed Treatments

Emerge Stronger from day one.

Getting your crop off to a strong start can pay off big time come harvest. That’s why we offer a wide variety of seed treatments designed to protect your crop from seed- and-soil born disease (not to mention insects) to deliver the head start they need to emerge stronger.

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  • BUTEO Start logo
  • Trilex EverGol logo
  • EverGol Energy logo
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Get ahead of weeds, before they get ahead of you.

From grass weeds, broadleaf weed, all-in-one formulations to pre-emergent control, early removal and in-season solutions, you’ll find everything you need to manage weeds and resistance.

  • Infinity FX logo
  • Roundup Ready 2 Xtend Soybeans logo
  • Velocity M3 logo
  • Roundup logo
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Goodbye insects. Hello yield.

Damage from feeding insects can turn even the best season into your worst in an instant. Our suite of advanced insecticide solutions helps control insect infestations while promoting superior plant health. So take the buzz out of bugs with a timely insecticide application on your farm.

  • Admire logo
  • Vayego logo
  • Movento logo
  • Decis Prairies logo
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It's Grow Time.

Whatever the crop, there’s only one thing we care about. Helping you achieve your best and highest quality yield. So if you’re looking to maximize yield potential and disease protection (and who isn’t?), Bayer fungicides are the way to go. Whether it’s different crops, geographies, weather, soil conditions or disease pressures one thing is clear. It’s Grow Time.

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  • Delaro logo
  • Prosaro XTR logo
  • TilMOR logo
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Nematicides and more.

From Velum® Prime to protect your potatoes to Ethrel to help ripen your tomatoes, if you can grow it, we can help protect it. After all, it’s what we do best.

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  • Oberon logo
  • Ethrel logo
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    Get your data in one place

    Climate FieldView makes field data management easy. Gather, store and see your field data in real time in one simple-to-use digital platform that you can take advantage of from the field, office, or anywhere.

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    Use data to make operating decisions

    Visualize and evaluate field conditions and crop performance instantaneously with weather data, satellite imagery, and field data maps, so you can make the best input choices for your farm operation.

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    Optimize your inputs

    Optimize inputs to maximize yield and profit on every acre with variable rate seeding and fertility scripting tools.

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