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Power Protection From The Start | BUTEO™ Start

BUTEO start


Start your season strong with BUTEO start.

New BUTEO® start is the powerful protection your canola seed needs against flea beetle pressure. Its rapid uptake and systemic translocation from cotyledon to leaf margins allows for a strong plant right off the start, even in dry conditions.

Choose BUTEO start and protect your potential.

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Product Summary

Seed Treatment

Product Type

  • Seed Treatment


  • Canola
Diseases Controlled

Insects Controlled

  • Striped Flea Beetles
  • Crucifer Flea Beetles
Groups and Active Ingredients

Groups and Active Ingredients

  • Flupyradifurone Group 4D
Formulation Type

Formulation Type

  • Suspension


  • Commercially Applied

BUTEO start Advantage

Flea Beetle Damage Comparison Trials

BUTEO™ start Advantage chart

Source: Bayer Market Development Trials, 2019

Flea Beetles

Flea beetles can do a lot of harm in a short period of time, and seedlings are especially vulnerable. This pest can locate and defoliate seedlings shortly after emergence making them very difficult to control. The results of this infestation are poor plant stand, delayed maturity, reduced yield and in severe cases re-seeding can be required.

In Western Canada, yield losses of about 10% are common, costing growers an estimated $300 million in damages every year.*

*Source: Knodel, J.J. and Olson, D.L., 2002. Crucifer-flea beetle: biology and integrated pest management in canola. North Dakota State Univ. Coop. Ext. Serv. Publ. E1234. North Dakota State University, Fargo, ND.

BUTEO start Advantage

Research trials demonstrated the superior flea beetle protection that BUTEO start provides. These plots were seeded the same day. Canola treated with BUTEO start, at the flowering stage, showed a bigger and fuller canopy. The other plot treatments were further behind with fewer plant stands.

Fungicide only trial results image
Fungicide only
Prosper® EverGol® trial results image
Prosper EverGol
Prosper® EverGol® + BUTEO™ start trial results image
Prosper EverGol + BUTEO start

Source: Bayer Field Solutions Trials. Treated seeds were seeded the same day. Photos taken July 8, 2019, Rosthern, SK.

Active Ingredients

Group 4 Insecticide – Flupyradifurone icon


Canola crop icon


Insects Controlled

Striped flea beetles
Crucifer flea beetles

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Prosper® EverGol® works in conjunction with BUTEO™ start. Prosper EverGol, with three fungicidal active ingredients (metalaxyl, trifloxystrobin and penflufen) protects your canola crops against the most damaging diseases. Combine Prosper EverGol’s disease and insect control with BUTEO™ start’s flea beetle protection and achieve peace of mind in the establishment of your crop.
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Assurance Program

2024 BUTEO start Assurance Program


BUTEO® start and Prosper® EverGol® seed treatments protect your hybrid canola against the most damaging diseases and insects including flea beetles, seed rot, seedling blight and damping off.

If you observe flea beetle feeding damage of ≥ 25% on your hybrid canola treated with BUTEO start and Prosper EverGol at or prior to the four-leaf stage, you may be eligible for up to a 100% rebate* on Decis® insecticide. To determine if you are eligible:

Call 1-844-250-9362

PLEASE NOTE: You must sign up for this program on or before 3 days after the Decis application.

*Conditions apply. Click here for more details.