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DEKALB Canola Hybrids

At Bayer, every challenge that comes with each new season is a chance to learn. It’s also an opportunity to push our ingenuity to the limits. We continue to create exciting new DEKALB® canola products that deliver strong genetics and high yield potential. We consider different weed pressure scenarios and different field types so we can offer you the right seed for the unique conditions on your farm. Everything we do is for your success.

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DEKALB Harvest Advantage

Straight cut hybrids are selected for their excellent harvestability and every consideration has gone into speeding up harvest while reducing losses and risk. DEKALB® hybrids with our SC or SC+ icons are bred specifically for enhanced pod integrity. These icons will provide you with a deeper understanding of pod integrity to allow you the flexibility to choose the best harvest management style for your farm. In addition to pod integrity, our DEKALB hybrids feature early maturity and quick dry down allowing for an earlier, faster and smoother harvest.

Pod Integrity Rating
Seven DEKALB seeds ranked by pod integrity rating (in brackets) on a scale from 1 to 9 where 1 is Excellent and 9 is Poor. DKLL 82 SC (2.6), DKFT 96 SC (2.6), DKTFLL 21 SC (3.1), DKTF 97 CRSC (3.3), DKTF 99 SC (4.8), DKTF 8 CR (5.5) and 75-45 RR (7).
Straight cut icon

Hybrids below this line are DEKALB Straight Cut hybrids

Straight cut plus icon

Hybrids below this line are DEKALB Straight Cut Plus hybrids

Multiple straight cut options

Straight cut icon

DEKALB hybrids with a Straight Cut icon result from breeding selection to improve pod shatter genetics and provide growers with increased flexibility to delay swath or straight cut their canola.

Straight cut plus icon

DEKALB hybrids with a Straight Cut Plus icon result from breeding selection to improve pod shatter genetics and also carry our new trait with improved pod integrity for enhanced pod shatter protection.

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BUTEO™ start canola seed treatment offers powerful protection against flea beetles. Its rapid uptake and systemic translocation from cotyledon to leaf margins allows for a strong plant right off the start, even in dry conditions. Best of all, it’s included with all new DEKALB canola hybrids.



At Bayer, we have many great ways to give you the savings you deserve on the products you need most.

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A minimum purchase of 300 acres of DEKALB canola seed will qualify you for the BayerValue™ Rewards Program, Season Starter Bonus. Save all season long on the seed treatment, herbicide, and fungicide products you need for a successful year.

BayerValue Rewards Program members are also eligible to receive a complimentary one-year subscription to the Climate FieldView™ platform and save up to 50% off the cost of Climate FieldView hardware*.

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*Offer applies to a maximum discount of $1,000 for select hardware purchased on the Climate FieldView order portal only. For full details, visit

DEKALB Rewards

Canola save 50$ per bag

Take advantage of instant savings on DEKALB canola seed at your retail by December 15, 2021 – no minimums and no waiting with the DEKALB Instant Discount.

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Canola Online Ordering

Order your DEKALB canola online with your preferred retailer now

It’s easier than ever to book your canola seeds. Simply select the hybrid of your choice and use our Pre-Ordering online portal to order from your preferred local DEKALB retailer. It’s quick, easy, and convenient.

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Trial Data

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We work with farmers across Canada to ensure our products are thoroughly tested before they get to your farm. Farmer led DEKALB market development trials help evaluate our products across a wide variety of environments and soil types. That way they are ready to perform on your farm.

Our trial data is easy to use and gives you the information you need to make the right choice.

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Optimal seeding rates. It’s not about bag weight. It’s about precision.

We have a long history of packaging by seed count with corn and soybeans and now we’re applying the same methods of precision to canola seed. Using our unique ability to accurately measure TSW (Thousand seed weight), we can ensure that every bag of DEKALB Canola contains no less than 4.25M seeds – the proven optimal Target Plant Population for every 10 acres. Just choose the hybrid that’s right for you and you’re on your way to optimizing the performance of your DEKALB Canola.

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Hear why canola farmers depend on DEKALB canola for their success.

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DEKALB. A name trusted by farmers for generations.

The name DEKALB has meant something to farmers for many, many years. It has stood for innovation, collaboration, and a deep-rooted knowledge of agriculture. At Bayer, we’re building on that track record every day, and in every way. We continue to develop canola hybrids and traits that stand up to environmental and pest pressures, thrive in various soil conditions, and deliver high yield potential. Depend on the DEKALB difference from seed to harvest.

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