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Help with the Search Engine
To conduct a search, all you need to do is enter the relevant term in the text box (1). To start the search, click Go (2) or press Enter. You can refine your search and enter several terms: Simply leave a space between each word. The search will be restricted to pages that contain all your terms.
Specify All Bayer Websites Worldwide (3) for a search that covers all publicly accessible websites of the Bayer Group throughout the world, as well as all subsidiaries and affiliates on the Internet. This search covers all language versions. Only this website (4) restricts your choice to the current website.


  • The search is not case-sensitive, so it doesn’t matter whether you use small or capital letters.
  • Make sure you enter complete words. The engine will not find parts of a word.
    Example: The Spanish brand name Aspirina would not be found in a search for Aspirin.
  • Use synonyms and spelling variations for your search term.
    Example: If the term Stockholders’ Report does not lead to the desired result, enter a new query for Interim Report or Quarterly Report.

Advanced Search

An Advanced Search is available enabling you for instance, to exclude certain terms from a search, to restrict a search to certain languages or file formats or to change the display format of the results.
Click here for further details on the Google search.