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Outils et Guides

Fungicide Map

Use the following tool to show results from Bayer CropScience fungicide Demonstration Strip trials that show the positive experience growers experience when they apply a fungicide. » plus

Tank Mix List

Download the Bayer CropScience Canada 2016 herbicide tank mix list for grass, broadleaf and all-in-one herbicides. » plus

Ask Bayer FAQs

View some of the questions we’ve received as part of the #AskBayerCrop initiative and additional tips and information about Bayer products. » plus

ROI Calculator

You put a lot of time, money and effort into your farm. And you deserve to know you’re getting as much out of your crop as you’re putting in. And now with the new Return On Investment (ROI) Calculator, that’s never been easier. » plus

Resources and Guides

A list of unlabelled tank mixes of registered pest control products permitted for application in accordance with Health Canada's Pest Management Regulatory Agency. » plus

Spray Decision Guide

When should you spray? When should you wait? Our spray decision guide will help you along the way to healthy crop and a better chance for success. » plus


Stay up to date with the most recent discoveries and innovations and find out more about Bayer’s social commitment with Bayer Magazine. » plus