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Protect against sclerotinia.

Increasingly tighter canola rotations and some years of disease-favourable conditions have allowed sclerotinia to thrive across Western Canada. Given the right circumstances, it can travel remarkably far during spore release – putting a significant portion of your crop at risk. When conditions for the disease are favourable and infections are initiated during early flowering, yield reduction per infected plant can equal 50%* or more. *Source: Canola Council of Canada.

"My canola was safe with Proline in my field – not knowing when disease might arrive. At the end of the day the goals are simple – yield and grade. Proline in my field protected and defended! Even in a dry year, we broke even spraying. It’s not worth the risk not to spray!” – Edward Wollman, Silverwinds Colony, 2018

Over 12 years of results.

For over a decade, we’ve conducted hundreds of replicated and balanced field-scale trials with our partner growers across the prairies.

We’ve gone to great lengths to ensure you get a good sense of what to expect from your fungicide application. Whether the season is wet or dry, your fields have heavy or low disease pressure and regardless of where you farm; you can trust Bayer’s accuracy and testing.

Keep your pulses going

Mycosphaerella blight, ascochyta blight, grey mould, anthracnose and white mould. These diseases are as awful as they sound, and pulse and soybean crops are no stranger to them. Plan to apply a fungicide to keep these and other diseases at bay, so that your pulses and soybeans can reach their full yield potential.

Plan your protection

Delaro combines the proven power of prothioconazole (Group 3) and trifloxystrobin (Group 11) to protect your pulse and soybean crops from the most damaging stem, leaf and pod diseases.

The Delaro advantage

  • The best pass for long-lasting broad-spectrum disease protection for pulse and soybean crops, including protection from ascochyta blight, anthracnose, mycosphaerella blight and white mould
  • Formulated to provide excellent spray retention and delivery of actives inside the leaves
  • Multiple modes of action for preventive and post-infection activity