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DEKALB Canola Target Plant Population

A target plant population of 5-8 plants per square foot is ideal when planting canola in your fields. Why? Find out here.

Experience the DEKALB® Targeted Plant Population Advantage

Our research has shown (consistent with the Canola Council of Canada1) that a target plant population of 5 to 8 plants/ft2 1 will maintain the yield potential of your canola crop. Any less, and you leave your field more vulnerable to weeds. Any more and you risk potential thinner, less productive plants, that are more prone to lodging. To put it another way, 5 to 8 plants/ft2 is the perfect way to set your Canola crop up for success. Our recommended seeding rate is 10 seeds/ft2. With average canola survivability in Western Canada ranging from 50 to 80%, this seeding rate supports a target plant population of 5 to 8 plants/ft2.

1 Canola Council of Canada. Canola Encyclopedia.

It’s not about bag weight. It’s about precision.

For years, DEKALB® has been packaging by seed count with Corn and Soybeans. Now we’re bringing the same precision to Canola. DEKALB has the technology and ability to accurately measure TSW (Thousand Seed Weight) and fill each back with the optimal amount of Canola seed. In other words, it’s not about how much a bag weighs, but rather it’s about making sure you get the right number of seeds in every bag of DEKALB Canola to get the most out of your season. We will ensure that every bag of DEKALB Canola contains no less than 4.25M seeds– the proven optimal Target Plant Population for every 10 acres.

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