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February 5, 2020

Seed moisture levels can affect your seed treating

Your seed treatment works best if it penetrates into the seed coat. If the seed is too moist, the application process does not work properly, and you will likely have fungicide dusting off and becoming ineffective.

Whether you treat in the fall or spring, the key is to get the temperature and seed moisture content in the right zone. Seed that is too wet prevents the seed coat from absorbing the active ingredients in the treatment and will dust off more easily. This can also cause issues in seed metering equipment in the field. The solution? Dry your seed to its optimum level prior to applying seed treatment.

In addition, a micro-dispersion seed treatment product will help mitigate absorption issues. A micro-dispersion formulation evenly coats the seed for maximum seed protection. This type of product creates more contact points between the seed treatment and seed coat. The benefit is more even and complete coverage and improved absorption.

If you treat seed in the fall, you could be looking at as many as eight months until usage in the spring. But that’s okay, assuming you are storing your treated seed correctly. Otherwise, things like temperature fluctuations and changes in humidity and moisture levels can cause fungicide or insecticide to dust off, thus losing efficacy. This is another reason why coverage and absorption of your seed treatment is important.

So, think of each seed as a mini sponge. If it is already soaked in moisture, it can only absorb so much seed treatment. By drying it properly and using the appropriate formulation you can ensure the efficacy of your treated seed.

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