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Luna Tranquility


With Luna Tranquility® fungicide, you can keep your potatoes and apples flawless from spring through to harvest. And that’s all possible thanks to the unique Group 7 (fluopyram) and proven Group 9 (pyrimethanil) modes of action that give you outstanding control of the most damaging diseases such as apple scab and powdery mildew. Expect nothing but perfection with Luna Tranquility.

Product Summary


Product Type

  • Fungicide


Diseases Controlled

Diseases Controlled (Top 3)

Diseases Supressed

Diseases Suppressed (Top 3)

  • Botrytis leaf blight
  • Purpole blotch
  • White mould
Groups and Active Ingredients

Groups and Active Ingredients

  • Fluopyram Group 7
  • Pyrimethanil Group 9
Formulation Type

Formulation Type

  • Suspension


  •  Available in 2 L and 4.86 L jugs

Luna Tranquility fungicide delivers unparalleled disease protection for pome fruit, grapes, potatoes, small berries, bulb vegetables and tomatoes

A broad-spectrum fungicide with Group 7 (fluopyram) and Group 9 (pyrimethanil) modes of action, Luna Tranquility is a unique all-in-one formulation with preventive, systemic and post-infection (for apple scab) properties

  • For apples, it’s co-formulation fungicide controls leaf scab (including resistant strains), while providing protection against powdery mildew in the same application.
  • For grape growers, Luna Tranquility controls both powdery mildew and botrytis
  • In potatoes Luna Tranquility provides excellent leaf spot complex protection (early blight and brown leaf spot), including strains with reduced sensitivity to Group 11 and current Group 7 fungicides. It also protects against white mould and black dot.
  • For strawberries and blueberries, Luna Tranquility offers powerful protection against grey mould and powdery mildew, even providing latent disease protection post-harvest.
  • In onions, Luna Tranquility works systemically to protect botrytis leaf blight, purple blotch and stemphylium leaf blight
  • In tomatoes, Luna Tranquility protects against early blight and septoria

Active Ingredients

Group 7 Fluopyram Group 9 Pyrimethanil
Group 7
Group 9


Bushberries (except highbush cranberry)
Chive (fresh leaves)
Chinese chive (fresh leaves)
Daylily (bulb)
Elegans hosta
Fritillaria (bulb and leaves)
Garlic bulb
Garlic bulb (great headed and Serpent)
Lady’s leek
Lily (bulb)
Low growing berry subgroup (except bearberry and cranberry)
Onion (Beltsville bunching, Bulb, Chinese bulb, Fresh, Green, Macrostem, Pearl, Potato bulb, Tree tops, and Welsh tops)
Pear (Asian)
Quince (Chinese and Japanese)
Shallot (bulbs and fresh leaves)
Wild leek

Diseases Controlled

Apple scab
Botrytis leaf blight
Botrytis bunch rot / Grey mould
Brown leaf spot
Common leaf spot (Strawberry only)
Early blight
Powdery mildew
Purple blotch
Scab, leaf
Septoria leaf spot
White mould

Diseases Suppressed

Black dot
Stemphylium leaf blight

Province of Registration

British Columbia
New Brunswick
Northwest Territories
Nova Scotia
Prince Edward Island

Application Tips

Thorough coverage is essential for maximum protection

For pome fruits and bulb vegetables do not enter or allow worker entry within 24 hours after application to carry out hand thinning activities

For grapes, do not enter or allow worker entry within 24 hours after application to carry out cane turning, girdling, training, tying, pruning, thinning or leaf pulling activities

For all other worker activities, do not enter or allow worker entry into treated areas within 12 hours after application

Control of Apple Scab on apple tree leaves and shoots using Luna Tranquility fungicide Reduction in severity of Powdery Mildew on apple tree leaves using Luna Tranquility
Percent yield increase using Luna Tranquility fungicide to control Botrytis after 72 hours of storage Control of Powdery Mildew in grapes using Luna Tranquility fungicide

Control of Early Blight using Luna Tranquility fungicide

Resistance Management

  • To limit the potential for development of disease resistance to these fungicide classes, do not make more than two sequential applications of Luna Tranquility or any Group 7 or Group 9 fungicide before rotating with a fungicide from a different group
  • Determine pesticide use on an Integrated Pest Management program that includes scouting, record keeping and considers cultural, biological and other chemical control practices

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