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Trilex helps you grow. Trilex EverGol.

Trilex EverGol


Trilex® EverGol® fungicide seed treatment lets you control how you want to treat your seed and protect your crop. With exceptional flexibility and disease protection, applicators and growers can reap the rewards of its concentrated formula to adjust water volumes and optimize coverage.

Trilex EverGol combines three different powerful actives - penflufen (Group 7), trifloxystrobin (Group 11) and metalaxyl (Group 4) – which together provide outstanding protection against the challenging diseases and risks associated with early-season planting including rhizoctonia, ascochyta, botrytis, Fusarium spp. and pythium.

  • Increased disease protection: a significant improvement in rhizoctonia and ascochyta protection versus current products
  • Improved yield: healthier plants and greater plant stand provide increased yields
  • Improved seed safety: studies are showing an improvement over all current products

Product Summary

Seed Treatment

Product Type

  • Seed Treatment


Diseases Controlled

Diseases Controlled

Diseases Supressed

Diseases Suppressed

  • Ascochyta
Insects Controlled

Insects Controlled

  • Pea Leaf Weevil
  • Potato Leafhopper
  • Wireworm
Groups and Active Ingredients

Groups and Active Ingredients

  • Penflufen Group 7
  • Trifloxystrobin Group 11
  • Metalaxyl Group 4
Formulation Type

Formulation Type

  • Suspension


  • 1.5 L + 0.96 L of Trilex EverGol+ 6.25 L of Stress Shield= 221 bushels
  • 6.49 L + 4.15 L of Trilex EverGol+ 27 L of Stress Shield*= 954 bushels *27 L Stress Shield is sold separately


Rhizoctonia Control

Research trials comparing lentils inoculated with rhizoctonia illustrate the superior protection provided by Trilex EverGol vs. the untreated check.

Improved control of rhizoctonia using Trilex EverGol vs. untreated
Source: Bayer internal research trials, 2009.

Higher-Performing Root Systems

Research trials show more robust, higher-performing root systems provided by Trilex EverGol (right) vs. Vitaflo 280 (left).

Improved lentil root systems using Trilex EverGol vs. Vitaflo 280
Source: Bayer internal research trials, 2012.


Active Ingredients

Group 7 Penflufen Group 11 Trifloxystrobin Group 4 Metalaxyl
Group 7
Group 11
Group 4



Diseases Controlled

Fusarium root rot
Pythium root rot
Rhizoctonia solani
Rhizoctonia solani root rot
Ascochyta (suppression)

Province of Registration

British Columbia
New Brunswick
Northwest Territories
Nova Scotia
Prince Edward Island

Registered Tank Mixes

Stress Shield®

Stress Shield seed treatment insecticide for protection against wireworms, potato leaf hopper and pea leaf weevil.
Check with inoculant manufacturers for product compatibility.

Application Guidelines


Trilex® EverGol® fungicide seed treatment mixes easily with water and gives you the flexibility to adjust the water volume for a customized, uniform application and no plugging issues, resulting in ease of application when added with water.

  • Protects against the unique diseases and risks associated with early season planting
  • Unique Group 7 mode of action, developed solely for seed treatment use
  • Valuable resistance management tool and unrivalled rhizoctonia control
  • Trio of active ingredients – penflufen, trifloxystrobin and metalaxyl – controls rhizoctonia, ascochyta, pythium and botrytis
  • Improved germination and vigour versus current products
  • Promotes a high-performing root system that supports optimal access to water and nutrients in a crop’s development phase, helping to produce a better final crop stand
  • Trilex EverGol is a concentrated product that when mixed with water allows the treater to control water volume to allow accurate application rates and uniform distribution

Application Tips

  • By varying the water volume, the treater can control the drying time on the seed
  • Always ensure proper mixing of the two products before application
  • Once mixed with water, Trilex EverGol has similar flow characteristics to water, resulting in ease of application
  • Always wear personal protective equipment when handling seed treatments or treated seed
  • Always calibrate seeding equipment with treated seed, as seed flow can be affected


Trilex EverGol Rate
Chickpeas, dry peas and lentils
  • 25 mL/100kg of seed for Trilex component A
  • 16 mL/100kg of seed for Trilex component B
Check label for rates and application information for dry beans



Trilex EverGol
Trilex Component A Trilex Component B Treated Seed Quantity
1.50 L 0.96 L 221 bu.
6.49 L 4.15 L 954 bu.
  • For the most effective mix, growers should first add ½ their carrier solution, then add Trilex A, add Trilex B and finally fill with the remaining carrier solution to 19.5L. Agitate or mix and apply
  • Mixing should be completed before each application

Trilex EverGol tank mixing of 1.5 litres of component A and 0.96 litres of component B


Ascochyta Control

Trilex EverGol offers increased control in ascochyta versus the competition.

Control of ascochyta in peas, lentils, and chickpeas using Trilex EverGol vs. competitor seed treatments


Yield Advantage

Compared to the inoculated check and competition, Trilex EverGol improves your yield when fusarium is present.
Yield increase of Trilex EverGol vs. Apron MAXX when fusarium present


Rhizoctonia Control

Pulse crops treated with Trilex EverGol show an increased yield in comparison to the competition and inoculated checks.
Yield increase of Trilex EverGol vs. Apron MAXX for rhizoctonia control


Inoculant Compatibility

The use of inoculants for all pulse and soybean crops is a standard accepted practice to maximize plant performance and crop yield. Trilex EverGol, which has been extensively tested by inoculant companies, has proven to have one of the highest compatibilities between fungicidal seed treatments and rhizobium-based inoculants.

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