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There are a million things you love about farming. But spraying weeds in your cereals is probably not one of them. That’s where we come in. You can be confident our line-up of proven cereal herbicides work to manage tough to control weeds for cleaner fields acre after acre. So you can do what you do best. Get back to farming. Get back to what you love.

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New Varro FX Herbicide

Varro FX tackles the toughest weeds, including Group 1-resistant wild oats. It’s the first Group 2 emulsifiable concentrate formulation in Western Canada. Watch the video for a mixing and handling demonstration and see just how easy Varro FX is to use.

How does the Olympus System work?

The Olympus System is a systematic approach to providing exceptional control of foxtail barley, volunteer canola, and downy and Japanese brome in your wheat crop. In order to get the most effective control, tank-mix Olympus® herbicide with your pre-seed Roundup® application and follow with an in-season application of Varro® or Velocity m3. Watch the video to find out how it takes a system to break the cycle of foxtail barley.

Early Weed Removal

Learn how early herbicide application can increase the yield potential of your cereals by up to 10%

Understanding Herbicide Resistance

Resistance to a herbicide can develop rapidly and spread quickly, affecting your bottom line. There are simple solutions that you can implement to help mitigate the risk of resistance in your fields.

The Olympus System: Features and Benefits pt.1

Learn why Group 2 Olympus herbicide works so well with Group 9 Roundup, especially on tough weeds like foxtail barley, complimentary activity with no antagonism.

The Olympus System: Features and Benefits pt.2

Cereals Agronomic Development Manager at Bayer, Kelly Patzer B.Sc. (Hons.) Ag., P.Ag., CCSC, details some of the unique benefits of the Olympus System, including effective pre-emergent weed control even in cooler conditions and season-long foxtail barley control.

The Olympus System: Resistance Management Options

The Olympus System offers wheat growers with resistance concerns a multitude of options for effective, season-long control of their most difficult grasses like foxtail barley and wild oats.

video thumbnail | New Varro FX Herbicide
video thumbnail | Introducing Prosaro XTR
video thumbnail | Fusarium Head Blight
video thumbnail | Sclerotinia in Canola
video thumbnail | Nozzle Selction and Setup
video thumbnail | Nozzle Selction and Setup
video thumbnail | Nozzle Selction and Setup


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