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If you’re looking to maximize yield potential and disease protection make Bayer fungicides your first choice. No matter what you’re growing. No matter where you’re growing it. One thing is clear. Applying a Bayer fungicide can help deliver increased quality, increased yield and most importantly, a bigger return on your investment. It’s Grow Time.

Innovations in Fungicides

At Bayer, we are constantly striving to deliver the right solutions and technologies for your farm. You know disease is a persistent threat that can eat into your yields and your bottom line. That’s why we are constantly assessing disease pressure and geographic considerations to deliver innovative fungicide solutions and introducing FieldView features, like Manual Scripting, that help protect your yield, crop quality and ROI. See what’s new from Canada’s fungicide experts for the season.

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Prosaro PRO fungicide delivers enhanced disease protection and grain quality for wheat and barley growers.

Prosaro® PRO fungicide sets the standard as the first foliar fungicide registered in Canada to deliver ergot, fusarium head blight and leaf disease protection in wheat and barley. An effective solution with multi-modes of action and three powerful active ingredients, it provides exceptional protection in high disease pressure situations.

Suppression of ergot in Cereals
Image with comparison of UTC and Prosaro Pro for Number of ergot bodies per 1kg seed sample
UTC has 111.7 where Prosaro pro 36.3 Number of ergot bodies per 1kg seed sample Source: 7 Bayer Crop Science Internal Trials (2019) Prosaro PRO includes the addition of a Non-Ionic Surfactant Your results may vary according to agronomic, environmental and pest pressure variables.
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Proline GOLD fungicide delivers next-level, dual mode of action protection against sclerotinia.

Proline® GOLD delivers outstanding protection in high disease pressure situations against sclerotinia disease in canola. Two highly effective active ingredients work in synergy to give excellent disease protection for exceptional yield potential. Give sclerotinia a one, two punch.

Proline GOLD vs. the competition- Western Canada 2020 results.
Image with comparison of Proline GOLD vs. Miravis Bold Fungicide, Cotegra Fungicide std. rate, and UTC for Average yield percentage of Untreated check, Proline GOLD 105.4, Miravis Bold Fungicide 103.5, Cotegra fungicide std 103.4, and last UTC has 100. Average yield % of Untreated check Source: 15 Bayer Market Development Trials (2020). Your results may vary according to agronomic, environmental and pest pressure variables. 1 Cotegra® fungicide std. rate = 40 ac./jug.
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TilMOR fungicide gives you the freedom to spray from flag leaf to heading.

TilMOR® fungicide is your flex timing specialist that can be sprayed from flag leaf to heading to control leaf diseases in your wheat, barley and oats and protect against fusarium head blight in wheat. Depending on your crop stage, weather or other factors important to your operation, you can apply TilMOR precisely when you need to.

TilMOR provided a 14% increase in yield over untreated, and 7% increase when compared to using tebuconazole only
Image showing comparision between TiMOR, Tebuconazole and UTC for Barley grain yield percentage, TiMOR 106.6, Tebuconazole 100 and UTC 92.3, TiMOR provided a significant yield increase at 7%. Barley grain yield (% of tebuconazole) Source: 9 medium-to-high disease internal Bayer trials in barley (2017-2019). Your results may vary according to agronomic, environmental and pest pressure variables.
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Make each spray count with FieldView.

Using FieldView to track your fungicide applications gives you the ability to understand performance and analyze your fungicides’ effectiveness throughout the season. FieldView gives you the option to only spray the acres that are going to benefit the most from a fungicide application. Using the new auto-zone enhancement in the Manual Crop Protection Prescription tool, you can easily create an on and off prescription giving you the opportunity to gain a greater ROI from your fungicide application.

Start Scripting
Climate FieldView image FieldView Cab App, when a farmer is applying a ON/OFF fungicide prescription

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*Products are recommended based on your region as determined from your IP address. The recommendations may not reflect the disease pressure on your farm.

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*Products are recommended based on our region as determined from your IP address. The recommendations may not reflect the disease pressures on your farm.

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Performance Results

Bayer fungicides consistently perform year over year. That’s why we’re the fungicide experts that farmers depend on. We’re proud to collaborate with farmers just like you on our annual cooperated fungicide field trials. If you don’t believe our trials, run your own trial with FieldView and see for yourself.

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Learn more from our fungicide experts

Delaro Complete Fungicide – An Important New Tool for Pulse Growers

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Proline GOLD

Sclerotinia is the last thing you want to see in your canola crop. Watch as Erin McDougall and Mikayla Rouire, introduces you to the power of Proline® GOLD fungicide in the fight against sclerotinia in your canola.

Prosaro PRO Cereal Fungicide

Prosaro PRO fungicide from Bayer is the next evolution of the Prosaro brand. This multi-mode of action solution controls the top foliar diseases, suppresses fusarium head blight and helps combat ergot; an issue in cereals that farmers previously didn’t have a solution for, resulting in a significant downgrade in your wheat at the elevator. Maintain a healthy ROI this season with an application of Prosaro PRO.

TilMOR Fungicide for wheat, barley and oats

Control leaf diseases like rusts, blotch and suppress fusarium head blight in wheat with an application of TilMOR fungicide from Bayer. TilMOR delivers powerful protection whenever you need it, all the way from flag leaf to heading with protection that works fast and is long lasting. Spray when you say with TilMOR.

Sclerotinia in Canola

Learn more about how to protect your canola crop from this yield robbing disease.

Timing for Cereal T3 fungicide App

Knowing what the optimal timing for your cereal T3 fungicide application is makes all the difference. Rory Cranston, Cereal and Pulse Technical Manager fills you in.

Cereals Fungicide Portfolio

Find out what makes our cereal fungicide portfolio perform to its full potential in your field.

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video thumbnail | Prosaro PRO Cereal Fungicide
video thumbnail | TilMOR Fungicide for wheat, barley and oats
video thumbnail | Sclerotinia in Canola
video thumbnail | Timing for Cereal T3 fungicide App
video thumbnail | Cereals Fungicide Portfolio