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Give your cereals a great start with Raxil PRO SHIELD.

An easy to use, all-in-one seed treatment now in an industry-leading bottom-drain drum.

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Rendering of the the Virtual Bayer Bright Nights virtual barn Rendering of the the Virtual Bayer Bright Nights virtual barn

What’s New:

It's time to say "so long" to sclerotinia.

Outstanding protection for high disease pressure with Proline® GOLD.

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What’s New:

NEW! Boost potato yields big time

A proven in-furrow fungicide that gets results. Minuet® forms a symbiosis with the plant and triggers activation of root and plant growth, to support healthy crops and increase yields.

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The Incredible Bayer Offer

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Save 5% on eligible herbicides!

The Incredible Bayer Offer now includes cereal, corn and soybean herbicide! Early book 1,000 acres of Bayer herbicides by March 10, 2023 and save up to 5% of SRP on eligible products.

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Harvest Data

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Your Best Harvest

Turn smart farming today, into even smarter farming tomorrow. FieldView™ gives you the tools to analyze this year’s harvest data and turn this year’s harvest data into actionable insights for next year. With FieldView, it’s always knowing season.

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Tools & Resources

Stack up your rewards with BayerValue.

Use the BayerValue Calculator to maximize your savings on seed and crop protection this season.


Deciding on seed for 2024? Check out the DEKALB Yield Trial Map.

See product and performance details to discover how hybrids and varieties performed in your area.


The 2024 DEKALB Seed Guide is here!

Your number one resource for DEKALB soybean and corn seed for the upcoming season.


Your comprehensive guide for all things potatoes.

Convenient access to the technical information you need to know about Bayer potato products.


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Harvest Management of Canola

There are various characteristics of canola growth and development that make harvest challenging.

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Soybean Sudden Death Syndrome

Soybean Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS) has emerged as a persistent and increasing yield-limiting problem for eastern Canadian soybean growers.

Tar spot
Tar Spot Q and A

Tar spot is a fungal disease in corn caused by Phyllachora maydis. The disease causes black specks to form on the leaves.

Twospotted spider mite females
Managing Twospotted Spider Mites in Soybean Fields

Twospotted spider mite outbreaks are usually associated with drought conditions and populations can increase rapidly as drought conditions become more severe.

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