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2019 Crop Production Guide

Crop Production Guide

The Crop Production Guide is now offered online. It’s been optimized for easy navigation, and is helping us reduce our carbon footprint.

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Download the Bayer Crop Disease Guide

Crop Disease Guides

These guides are the most up-to-date source of information to help you identify and protect against diseases in your crops. Easily navigate through a digitally optimized version or download the PDF.

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Potato Product Guide

Potato Product Guide

Find all the information you need on the growing portfolio of Bayer's potato products for insect, disease and weed control. This guide contains application rates and timing, mode of action and information on resistance management. Look for these quick references – application information chart and the pest control reference guide chart.

Download the guide (13 MB)

Vegetable Product Guide

Technical information on the complete vegetable portfolio – including application rates and timing, mode of action and information on resistance management.

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Managing herbicide resistance truly is about mixing it up! Learn why weeds become herbicide resistant, how they spread and what steps you can take to manage it all.

Herbicide Resistance Guide

Herbicide Resistance Guide

An educational guide to help manage or delay the onset of herbicide resistance.

Download the guide (17.8 MB)

Tank Mixes

A list of unlabelled tank mixes of registered pest control products permitted for application in accordance with Health Canada's Pest Management Regulatory Agency.

Tank Mix List

Bloom Staging Guide

Use this guide to correctly time the application of Proline to protect your Canola and generate higher yields.

Download the guide (1.06 MB)

Cereal Staging Guide

Cereal Staging Guide

This comprehensive guide will help you accurately identify key stages of cereal development. Designed for cereal growers in Ontario and Quebec, the guide includes full-colour photographs in a pocket guide format. Produced with OMAFRA, the guide is available at no charge.

Download the guide (1.25 MB)

Fusarium Head Blight Timing Guide

Discover the optimum time to spray to protect your wheat and barley from fusarium head blight.

Download the guide (600 KB)

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