What is SeedGrowth?

Built on over 100 years of Bayer knowledge, resources and technology, SeedGrowth is a fully integrated solution for on-seed applications dedicated to helping you maximize your seed performance.

  • Stronger crop establishment – for crops that are better able to cope with unforeseen stresses
  • Healthier plants – protected from insect pressure and free of disease
  • Higher yield – delivering maximum plant potential and a greater return on investment

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Growers and industry partners alike can benefit from Bayer’s in-depth understanding and knowledge of seed protection. This includes technical support, testing, training and advice delivered by 10 Bayer SeedGrowth Centres worldwide, and now eight dedicated Bayer SeedGrowth representatives with expert knowledge of the Canadian landscape.

Call 1 888-263-6847 to find the rep nearest you.

On-site Advice and Support

Your farm has its own unique challenges and potential. Services in customization, testing, training, advice, technical support and troubleshooting are an integral part of getting the job done right. Bayer SeedGrowth specialists are in the field and always available to provide on-site advice and support.



No matter which seed treatment product or crop, Bayer SeedGrowth can help you find the right equipment solution to effectively meet your needs. Whether it's new commercial applicator equipment or modifying existing equipment, Bayer can help.

In 2014, Bayer partnered with Ag Growth International (AGI) to co-design the NEW STORM (Seed Treatment Optimized Rate Metering) Seed Treater, the first of its kind for computerized, self-adjusting/metered, in-yard seed treatment.

Storming ahead with advanced technologies

STORM Key Features

  • Electronic controls automatically compensates for differences in seed density and type
  • Ensures just-in-time treating for safe, clean, efficient and consistent application
  • Enclosed process with six access ports to facilitate ease of clean-up
  • Equipped with a Westfield TFX2 100-41 for unmatched performance and features a self-propelled heavy-duty mover kit for improved mobility in the yard

Click here to download the Tech Sheet.

Ucan2 Seed Treater by Bayer SeedGrowth

To help growers who are looking for a simple way to apply a seed treatment, Bayer SeedGrowth has developed the Ucan2 seed treater. Designed to pair seamlessly with Bayer seed treatment packaging, the Ucan2 treater minimizes the amount of equipment and investment required to treat your seed.

Ucan2 Key Features

  • Seamlessly pairs with Bayer seed treatment packaging
  • A simple, cost effective seed treater system
  • Used for both cereals and pulses

To get started with the Ucan2 treater, check out the videos below.



Bayer SeedGrowth offers powerful seed treatment products to protect young plants from pests and diseases. Bayer’s broad range of innovative seed treatment products are designed to help ensure strong establishment, a healthy crop, and productive plants.


Seed Treatment for cereals
Quality protection from the most serious seed- and soil-borne diseases in cereals, including Stress Shield® technology for superior plant protection in stressed environments.
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Raxil PRO

Seed Treatment for Cereals
Unmatched contact and systemic protection from the most serious seed and soil-borne diseases including true loose smut, and Fusarium graminearum.
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Trilex EverGol

Seed Treatment for Pulses
Combines three powerful active ingredients to deliver outstanding early-season seed and seedling disease control including increased activity on rhizoctonia and ascochyta.
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EverGol Energy

Seed Treatment for Pulses
A new systemic and contact seed treatment fungicide designed to protect against a wide range of diseases and provide quicker emergence, healthier plants and higher yields for crops.
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Prosper EverGol

Seed Treatment for Oilseeds
Protects your crop against the most damaging diseases and insects and provides peace of mind in the establishment of your crop.
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Stress Shield

Seed Treatment Insecticide
Systemic and contact activity to protect against harmful pests and improve plant health with faster emergence, healthier root systems and a greater ability to withstand unforeseen seasonal stresses.
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Titan Emesto

Seed Treatment for Potatoes
The first and only coloured liquid potato seed-piece treatment. Titan offers the broadest spectrum potato seed-piece insecticide combined with Emesto Silver, a new potato seed-piece fungicide for complete protection against major insects and disease.
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Seed Treatment for Corn
Consistent protection for corn seed and seedlings from all the major early season corn pests. It’s a blanket of protection that increases your yields and healthier plants. .
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Bayer SeedGrowth technology for enhancing the coverage, adhesion and colouring of seed treatment products on seeds is second to none with our broad range of film coatings. This includes highly innovative solutions such as Fluency Agent – a new seed lubricant for corn and soybeans resulting in greater efficiency and reduced risk of exposure to non-target insects, including bees.


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