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It’s Always Knowing Season

Simplify field data management with Climate FieldView™. Collect, store and analyze data in an easy-to-use platform you can access from your cab, the office, anywhere.

FieldView & Bayer Crop Science

Each farm is different. Every field is unique. Together, Bayer and FieldView believe farmers deserve the best innovations to feed a growing world. That’s why we give you the tools to transform field data into meaningful insights that enhance yield potential, improve efficiency, and manage risk.

Qualified growers, you can earn 50% of your subscription fee back on your BayerValue rebate.*

Synergy for your farm’s success

Bayer and FieldView work together to unlock your crop’s potential by utilizing your field data. Uncover how FieldView can help manage, monitor, and maximize the value of your DEKALB® seeds and Bayer seed treatments, herbicides, and fungicides through the categories below. Discover valuable insights for your farming operation – building on success season over season.

  • Seed
  • Seed Treatment
  • Herbicide
  • Fungicide
  • Don’t assume that all hybrids are the same, collect and track your seed data to be certain. FieldView makes it easy to trial your favourite hybrids and varieties to determine how they compare to each other. Compare yields and establish top performers to help guide seed purchases for the next growing season.

    DEKALB Canola

    DEKALB® canola hybrids feature excellent resistance to a range of diseases to protect crop health and maximize your yield potential. Learn how mapping your DEKALB seed with FieldView allows you to keep track of progress and differences in seed trials all season long. In this video, we see how DKTF 93 SC compares to the rest of the DEKALB lineup by using field health satellite imagery to track yields.

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  • FieldView allows you to easily trial and track seed treatments to ultimately make better operating decisions. Analyze your crop’s advancement by dropping pins, adding photos and taking notes of field changes to share with agronomic partners. Have the confidence in knowing what’s happening in your field, without needing to be in the field.

    BUTEO start

    Using BUTEO start gives you the assurance in knowing you chose a strong line of defense in protecting your canola against flea beetles. When it comes to the start of the season, we all know that time is precious. In this video see how FieldView can track BUTEO start treated seed to monitor its performance throughout the growing season.

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  • Take the stress out of scouting by using FieldView to track every acre of your farm and better understand application timing and rates. FieldView brings value to your farming operation by uncovering areas showing a higher concentration of weeds for you to prioritize first, spraying less critical areas later on. Efficient herbicide application lets you focus on what truly matters while maximizing yields.

    Laudis Herbicide

    Laudis® herbicide provides exceptional control of annual grass and broadleaf weeds. Watch this video to see how FieldView used satellite imagery to identify the weed density and where Laudis herbicide should be applied and then how weed growth ceased within hours after Laudis application.

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  • Get the most out of your investment by strategizing the application of your fungicide to make your spray count. FieldView identifies areas experiencing vulnerability to help track your fungicide application on the most critical areas of your field. Create customized region reports by uncovering the average yield per acre; helping you more efficiently apply fungicide and save in the long run. FieldView’s technology lets you analyze your fungicides’ effectiveness throughout the season.

    Delaro Complete

    New Delaro® Complete fungicide has three modes of action that provide enhanced disease control in corn and soybeans crops. Watch the video to see how FieldView allows you to view application and field health imagery to analyze results so you can see the advantage Delaro Complete provides.

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Synergy for your farm’s success

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Earn 50% of your subscription fee back on your BayerValue rebate*

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  2. Qualify for a rebate by purchasing Bayer trait and / or crop protection products in the 2024 BayerValue program
  3. Watch for your 2024 BayerValue rebate cheque in fall 2024

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