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Acceleron® Seed Treatments

Every season you face unpredictable threats. That’s why you need a seed treatment that can help put you on the path to predictable results. The Acceleron® portfolio is an advanced seed treatment solution that helps deliver more control and better protection. With one easy decision you can keep your confidence going strong and your crop growing stronger.

Corn leaf up close with blurred corn field in the background

Acceleron Packages For Corn

From bio-enhancers to fungicides, the Acceleron portfolio protects your corn from the get-go, helping your crop reach its greatest potential. Our corn packages come in a variety of offerings, giving you the flexibility you need to meet the unique challenges of your field.


Soybean crop up close on green blurred background

Acceleron Packages For Soybeans

Disease, insects, bad weather - there isn’t a threat your soybean crops haven’t faced. That’s why our Acceleron seed treatment packages are designed to give you an ally in the field from day one, delivering total protection against a wide range of challenges.


Protect your Potential.

To reach your yield potential you need to keep threats in check. Acceleron’s advanced seed treatment solutions give you an ally in the field from day one – so your seed gets the protection it needs and you get one step closer to your yield of dreams.

Acceleron delivers industry leading protection:


Disease can be unpredictable and costly. While disease types and levels vary from year-to-year their negative impact remains the same. Threats like physical damage, nematodes and nutrient stress can also increase the disease susceptibility of your crops. Our combination of fungicides help mitigate risk and protect your seed right from the beginning.


Small pests, big problems. Insects can have a substantial impact on crop performance by feeding on seeds and seedlings. The result? Delayed emergence, stand loss, plant injury and stunting. Insect pressure is hard to predict and can vary widely depending on weather, location and cropping practices. Fortunately, our insecticides provide peace of mind by controlling a variety of early season pests that can cause damage to crops.


For strong yields you need strong plants. Nutrient and moisture deficiencies can impair root growth, making it even harder for plants to get the nutrients they need. Bio-enhancers help overcome these deficiencies by increasing functional root volume, making nutrients more available to plants and increasing nutrient uptake. Plants also benefit from improved nodule formation and increased nitrogen fixation. All of which add up to healthier, stronger plants.

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