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Treating your seed is easy and pays off in the bin

Boost seed performance with ease

Today’s seed treatments are easier to use than ever and the most economical way to reduce yield and quality losses from common diseases, like smut, fusarium, root and seed rot.

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All seed is an investment worth protecting

All seed is an investment, including farm-saved seed. Treating your seed helps ensure uniformity in your fields which keeps weeds down, makes timing your herbicide and fungicide applications and harvest easier. Simply put, treated crops like those treated with Raxil PRO Shield emerge faster and stronger, which seen in a 2016 trial increased plant stand in 90% of the trial site.

Conditions that favour soil-borne disease – seed treatment data by Bayer SeedGrowth
Source: 20 Bayer SeedGrowth internal wheat trials (Western Canada 2016).
Your results may vary according to agronomic, environmental and pest pressure variables.
Comparing wheat seedings in an unrelated crop – seed treatment data from Bayer Market Development
Comparing wheat seedlings in an untreated crop (middle) vs treated with Raxil® PRO (Right) or Raxil® PRO SHIELD® (Left)
Source: Bayer Market Development

It’s hard to go underground

Once seed is in the ground and a soil- or seed-borne disease starts to attack, there’s nothing you can do to prevent that crop loss. Seed treatments are the only way to protect your emerging crop against early-season diseases and below-ground insects.

Disease is definitely present in your soil

The fact is, the pathogens that cause most common and damaging soil-borne diseases are always present in prairie soils and will cause root rots and other diseases when conditions favour them.

Conditions that favour soil-borne disease – seed treatment data by Bayer SeedGrowth
Conditions that favour soil-borne disease
Source: Bayer SeedGrowth
Seed protection inside and around the seed – seed treatment data by BioVision Seed Labs
Raxil Pro and Raxil ProShield are both contact and systemic cereal seed treatments that protect you from seed and soil borne diseases. The untreated seed sample can be seen on the left and is full of disease.
Source: BioVision Seed Labs. Reproduced with permission.

Disease might be present on and in your seed

The only way to know for sure is to get seed tested at an accredited lab. But many pathogens that cause head blights, smuts and leaf disease start off on seed that looks clean to the naked eye. Only a well-applied seed treatment can protect an emerging plant from diseases you can’t always see.

Spring can be hard on a crop

Snow in May? Frost in June? You know it’s possible. Seed treatments help give emerging crops an extra layer of protection through unpredictable spring weather. Treated crops emerge faster, stronger and more evenly than untreated crops for better performance and yield potential.

Wheat treatment comparison – seed treatment data by Bayer Market Development
When treated with a seed treatment, seedlings develop a more robust root system and emerge faster
Source: Bayer Market Development
Wheat field with wireworm damage on a hillside – seed treatment data by Bayer Market Development
Wheat field with wireworm damage on a hillside
Source: Bayer Market Development

Wireworms are sneaky (and costly)

Wireworms cause crop damage that often looks like something else, like a seeder miss, a dry patch or herbicide carryover. One Alberta study pegs wireworm damage to wheat crops at 1% to 50% annually[1]. Ouch. The problem is they do all of this underground so seed treatments are the only viable tool to use against them.

Your cows care

Your cows won’t get sick eating smutted wheat or barley, but they might go hungry. Smut replaces grain heads with spores so there’s no feed value left. Why spend all that time, fuel and energy growing and harvesting empty grain when a simple seed treatment can help ensure grain heads filled with nutrition, not black dust.

Smutted wheat heads – seed treatment data by Bayer Market Development
Smutted wheat heads
Source: Bayer Market Development
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How to Treat

Treating was never simpler!

There are four ways to get your seed treated quickly and easily.

STORM Pro Seed Treater
STORM Pro Seed Treater
Source: Bayer Market Development

Purchase certified seed that’s already treated


Take your farm saved seed to a custom seed treater for cleaning and treating


On-location seed treaters come to you with their own specialized treating equipment.


On-farm is when you do it yourself, either well before the season so that the seed treatment has sufficient drying time on the seed or just in time when you’re ready to go in the field – both can be quick and easy with today’s equipment.

Treated vs untreated wheat seed
Treated vs untreated wheat seed
Source: Bayer Market Development
Bayer SeedGrowth
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One-stop support

Whether you’re interested in seed treatment products themselves, on-farm treating equipment options, replicated trial results, a list of custom treaters in your area, how long it takes to treat 100 bushels of wheat, even why cereal treatments are always red….the Bayer SeedGrowth® team has answers and solutions designed to work for you. Our goal is your success.

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Equipment support and setup

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Technical support

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Application tips and advice

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Seed treatment use

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Seed testing

Got seed treatment questions right now? We have answers. Just visit Find a Rep where you can send a direct message to your local Bayer representative.

Find a Rep
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How to Scout for Pea Leaf Weevil

SeedGrowth Specialist, Beth Brown explains how to identify Pea Leaf Weevil damage in your fields and how an application of an insecticide seed treatment can defend your pulse crops against Pea Leaf Weevil feeding.

How to Scout for Wireworms in Cereal Crops

Bayer SeedGrowth Specialist, Beth Brown shows you how to scout for and manage Wireworms in your cereal crops. She shares why Raxil PRO SHIELD, a systemic seed treatment, is the best seed treatment for your crops.

How to Maximize your Seed Treatment with any Equipment

There are a lot of factors that go into getting the most out of your seed treatment. What is the quality of the seed you’re starting out with? How does the temperature of your seed effect treating? This video takes the guess work out of it so you can avoid costly mistakes and make sure you’re always covered.

How to Read your Seed Test and What does it mean?

Bayer SeedGrowth Specialist Brittnye Kroeker takes you through the results of a standard seed test explaining what to test for, how to interpret the results and how those results affect the decisions you make during the season.

The Advantage of Using Raxil

Lee Markert of Markert Seeds shares how Raxil protects their cereal crops and ensures a better yield.

UCAN2 Setup

Contact your rep for more information on getting a UCAN2 treater

video thumbnail | How to Scout for Pea Leaf Weevil

How to Scout for Pea Leaf Weevil

video thumbnail | How to Scout for Wireworms in Cereal Crops?

How to Scout for Wireworms in Cereal Crops

video thumbnail | How to Maximize your Seed Treatment with any Equipment

How to Maximize your Seed Treatment with any Equipment

video thumbnail | How to Read your Seed Test and What does it mean?

How to Read your Seed Test and What does it mean?

video thumbnail | The Advantage of Using Raxil

The Advantage of Using Raxil

video thumbnail | UCAN2 Setup

UCAN2 Setup

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