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Mix it up & make an impact

Mix It Up™ provides farmers with practical and effective ways to diversify their crop management practices to ensure tools remain viable long into the future.

Rotation of crops, tank-mixing multiple effective modes of action, and the inclusion of mechanical and cultural control methods where possible, can play important roles in delaying and managing resistance. Together we can champion stewardship and our actions will shape farming for years to come.

Let’s make an impact, together. Let’s start today. Let’s Mix It Up.

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Tank Mixing

One effective way to delay or manage weed resistance is to use herbicide tank mixes with different modes of action.

Weeds are composed of various biotypes that differ in their resistance to certain herbicide Groups. If the same herbicide Groups are used repeatedly on the same field every year, then the biotypes which are resistant will remain in the field. Tank mixing multiple effective modes of action to control the same weed biotype is essential in combatting resistance.

Mixtures Work Best

Research has shown that tank mixes are more effective at delaying resistance than herbicide rotations.

A 4-year study* comparing resistant weed populations when rotating herbicides versus tank mixing herbicides, showed that applying tank-mixes every year was as effective as never having applied a herbicide in delaying resistance.

By contrast, only using the herbicide once in those four years significantly increased the resistant seed bank. The benefits of a tank mix couldn’t be clearer.

*Source: Beckie and Reboud, 2009. Weed Technology, 23: 363-370

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Diversify Your Crop Rotation

Annual crop rotation adds diversity, which increases the sustainability of the cropping system over time. It provides the platform for long-term crop management solutions meaning a well-planned crop rotation can:

Reduce the impact of weeds, insects, and diseases, leading to higher yields

Lower input costs in some rotational crops

Use more competitive crops to control weeds in some years

Help manage crop residue

Provide diversified marketing options

Diversify your herbicide program


Tackle Glyphosate Resistance

On the surface, trait rotation may seem like an effective way to manage glyphosate resistance. However, relying on trait and herbicide rotation alone is an ineffective approach to long term sustainable glyphosate use. Rather, use herbicide mixtures or herbicide layering every year within a diverse crop rotation to effectively manage weeds. Including wheat, barley, or pulses in a rotation provides more herbicide options and can decrease herbicide resistance risk.

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Additional Crop Management Strategies

Climate FieldView app on a tablet PC screen over an arrow Climate FieldView app on a tablet PC screen over an arrow

The Importance of Field Records

Track and trial your applications to get a complete picture of crop and herbicide performance. Digital farming platforms like FieldView™ help store your field information in one place and allow you to share those records with business partners and agronomic advisors.

FieldView helps monitor the growth stages of both the crop and the weeds in your fields so you can best time your application and utilize each spray.

Know Your Weeds

Understanding the weed pressures you face is a great first step towards optimizing your weed control and for implementing a successful weed management strategy on your farm.

The Weed ID App lets you identify weeds based on key characteristics you have selected. It also allows you to search for weeds, view the weed database, and provide detailed descriptions and photos of the weeds.

Phone with app image of Foxtail Barley shown
Phone with app image of Foxtail Barley shown
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