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2016 Tank Mix List

The Right Choices for a Clean Field

Bayer herbicides arm you with a wide variety of tools to tackle your toughest weed concerns. Bayer grass, broadleaf and all-in-one herbicides combine powerful actives with strong resistance management tools, ensuring a clean field today, and into the future.

Download the complete list of registered and off-label tank mixes.
Tank Mix List

Your Perfect Tank Mix

With Bayer herbicides, you get the freedom to mix not only with other Bayer products, but also with the largest number of other herbicides available. Choose the best tank mix combination for your most problematic weeds today, and manage resistance for the future of your farm.

Featured Products

Varro Herbicide

Varro® herbicide provides you with the ability to effectively battle Group 1-resistant wild oats in your wheat crop, without restricting your flexibility to rotate back to pulse crops.

Group 2 | 26 Tank Mix Combinations
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Infinity Herbicide

Take out the toughest broadleaf weeds in your cereals, resistant or not. The unique Group 27 chemistry helps ensure the profitability of your farm today and for years to come.

Groups 27, 6 | 10 Tank Mix Combinations
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Infinity FX Herbicide

Combine the power of three herbicide Groups to get the widest spectrum of broadleaf weed control on the market, along with an outstanding resistance management tool for your toughest broadleaf weeds like cleavers, kochia, buckwheat and now volunteer flax.

Groups 27, 6, 4 | 8 Tank Mix Combinations
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Puma Advance Herbicide

The advanced formulation offers superior crop safety and first-class control of wild oats, barnyard grass, and green and yellow foxtail.

Group 1 | 30 Tank Mix Combinations
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Buctril M Herbicide

With no confirmed resistance in Canada, Buctril® M continues to stand the test of time, giving growers superior control of over 28 different broadleaf weeds.

Groups 4, 6 | 14 Tank Mix Combinations
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Thumper Herbicide

Reliable and outstanding control of over 26 broadleaf weeds, including wild buckwheat and kochia.

Groups 4, 6 | 5 Tank Mix Combinations
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Bayer Value West Grower Program

As one of the only companies who can offer a complete lineup of cereal protection products and program savings, Bayer allows you to harness the full potential of your crop. You can save up to 17% on cereal herbicides when you complete your cereal acre. See the savings