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Tank Mix Tool

Bayer herbicides arm you with a wide variety of solutions to tackle your toughest weed concerns, ensuring a clean field today and for future generations.

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Tank Mix Guidelines

In 2010, Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) implemented changes that allow for the application of unlabelled tank mixes of commercial pest control products provided they are registered and applied within their respective registered use pattern. Accordingly, users of these products are permitted by the PMRA to apply unlabelled tank mixes of registered pest control products subject to the following conditions:

  1. Each tank mix partner is registered for use in Canada on the crop of interest, including genetically modified crops.
  2. The tank mix only includes an adjuvant when specifically required by one of the tank mix partner labels. If an adjuvant is not required on the label of any tank mix partner, then no adjuvant may be added to the tank mix.
  3. The application timings of all tank mix partners are compatible with regards to crop and pest staging.
  4. Each tank mix partner is applied in accordance with its registered product label (e.g. Directions for Use, Precautions, Buffer Zones, etc.). In cases where information on the tank mix partner labels differs between them, the most restrictive directions must be followed.
  5. The tank mix is not specifically excluded or contraindicated on either tank mix partner label.
  6. The use of the tank mix provides additional value to the user (e.g. increased scope of pests controlled, contributes to resistance management or integrated pest management, cost- or time-savings).

General precautionary statement

In some cases, tank mixing pest control products can result in reduced biological activity (antagonism = reduced efficacy) or increased biological activity (synergism = increased host injury). If a grower uses, or if anyone including any retail, crop advisor, agronomist or provincial extension personnel makes a recommendation to use, unlabelled tank mixes not approved by Bayer in writing they are assuming all liability, and Bayer disclaims any liability, for:

  1. Any antagonistic or synergistic effects of the unlabelled tank mixes; and
  2. The use of the Bayer product.

What does Bayer support in relation to this new tank mix policy?

Bayer will only support the use of Bayer products with tank mixes presently listed on Bayer product labels or with the unlabelled tank mixes listed in this document.

Please consult both broadleaf and grass product labels to ensure that your target pest is controlled/suppressed in the crop it is located in.