Rule with an Iron Fist

Protect your crop from weed invaders. Confidently clean your barley and wheat fields with the powerful, all-in-one, grass and broadleaf weed control of Tundra® herbicide.

Tundra controls the majority of grass weeds including wild oats, foxtail, barnyard grass and troublesome broadleaf weeds such as Group 2-resistant kochia, cleavers, chickweed and glyphosate-resistant kochia.

Tundra contains three different modes of action (Groups 27, 6 and 1) for sound broadleaf resistance management and superior efficacy. Its pre-mixed formulation simplifies your tank-mix orders, calculations and mix ratios making sure you have the quickest, most reliable performance possible.

See to it that your uninvited guests receive the royal treatment. Tundra herbicide is the complete solution for barley and wheat growers. One for all, and all-in-one.

% Control of Wild Oats

Product Rate (L/ac.) Full Label Rates % Control
Tundra + AMS 0.81 + 0.51 92

Traxos™ + Infinity®

0.49 + 0.34 92

Axial® + Adigor® + Frontline™ XL

0.24 + 0.28 + 0.51 93

Axial + Adigor + Stellar™A+B

0.24 + 0.28 + 0.41 + 0.24 93

Traxos + Pulsar®

0.49 + 0.36 89
Source: Bayer R&D trials 2011, n=5


Tundra vs. the Competition

See how Tundra stacks up against its competitors.

Tundra VS. Competition: Wild Oat Control

See for yourself how convenient Tundra all-in-one is. Watch video.

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Herbicide resistance is everyone's problem. This product is a Mix It Up solution.

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New Weed Registrations for Tundra

Tundra is available to take down even more weeds with these NEW weed registrations:

Broadleaf Weeds Tundra Tundra + AMS Tundra + AMS
+ 2,4-D or MCPA
Canada Fleabane
(Spring Seedlings)
Giant Ragweed  
Narrow-Leaved Hawk's Beard
(Up to 10 cm and prior to bolting)
VG VG E (2,4-D)
  VG (2,4-D)


Weed Control

100 – 95%
Very Good
94 – 90%
89 – 85%
≤ 84%
Not Registered


Application Guidelines


  • Fast and effective – Provides quick and noticeable results
  • Comprehensive control – Controls the majority of grassy and broadleaf weeds on your farm including Group 2-resistant broadleaf weeds (like kochia, cleavers and chickweed) and Group 9 –resistant kochia.
  • Broadleaf resistance management – Contains an innovative Group 27 herbicide, a key broadleaf resistance management tool
  • Crop safe – Tundra includes a Bayer proprietary safener, making it exceptionally safe for use in barley, durum and spring wheat
  • Easy to use – Don’t fuss with tank mixing order, the hassles, calculations and potential errors that are associated with tank mixing; just add water and go. With this pre-mixed formulation comes the ability to reduce errors, capitalize on the small window of time that you have, increase efficiency and be more productive.
  • Wide window of application – Good from 1 to 6 leaves on the main stem up to emergence of the third tiller on the crop
  • Registered for both ground and aerial application
  • Allows you to move from barley to wheat without stopping


Application Tips

  • Just add water and go
  • Fill sprayer tank ¼ to ½ full with clean water and add Tundra herbicide. Fill the spray tank with balance of water as required.
  • If adding AMS, always add AMS to the tank first
  • When adding AMS to Tundra, do not include a fungicide tank mix


0.81 L/acre


  • Apply Tundra from the 1 to 6 leaf stage on the main stem plus 3 tillers on barley, durum wheat and spring wheat
  • Do not apply to a crop that is stressed by severe weather conditions, frost, low fertility, drought, water-saturated soil, disease or insect damage as crop injury may result
  • Do not apply to crops under sown with legume species


  • 8.1 L jug = 10 acres (one 2 x 8.1 L case = 20 acres)
  • 129.6 L Bulk shuttle = 160 acres
  • 405 L Bulk tote = 500 acres


Water Volume
  • Ground – minimum of 5 US gal./ac. (19 L/ac.)
  • Aerial – minimum of 3 US gal./ac. (11 L/ac.)


One hour after application


Residue and Grazing

Do not:

  • harvest for grain within 65 days of application.
  • graze the treated crops or cut for forage or hay within 25 days of application.
  • re-enter treated fields within 12 hours of application.


Re-cropping Intervals
  • Alfalfa, barley (spring), canary seed, canola, corn (field)1, flax, oats, peas (field)2, potatoes, soybeans1, sunflowers, wheat (durum and spring) can be planted 10 months following an application of Tundra.
  • Lentils can be planted 22 months following an application of Tundra.

1Manitoba only.
2Field peas may be grown the year following a Tundra herbicide application in all black, grey-wooded and dark brown soil zones. Do not plant field peas the year following a Tundra application in brown soil zones where organic matter content is below 2.5% and soil pH is above 7.5.


Resistance Management

Resistance Management

Discover how Tundra® herbicide and its Group 27 mode of action can help you manage costly and damaging herbicide-resistant weeds.

Group 27

The unique Group 27 active in Tundra gives you another tool to manage resistance. With only three Group 27 herbicides on the market, you can be sure you are getting a powerful herbicide and a superb rotational tool to knock out the toughest resistant weeds in your field.

Tundra herbicide – Dead simple


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