Buctril M


The Trusted Name

Buctril M has set the standard for broadleaf herbicides for more than 40 years. As the most trusted and consistent broadleaf herbicide available to cereal, flax and corn growers, Buctril M continues to provide powerful, fast-acting control of more than 28 broadleaf weeds.

Buctril M is a versatile tank mix partner for many products, is easy to use and can be counted on for effective resistance management, containing Group 4 and Group 6 ingredients. This dual mode of action provides both systemic and contact activity on your broadleaf weeds.

Buctril M is Available in easy-to-use jugs, 320-acre Bulk shuttles or super convenient 1,000-acre Bulk totes.


Application Guidelines


  • Controls 28 broadleaf weeds
  • Excellent crop safety
  • Registered for use on wheat, barley, oats, flax, corn, fall rye and seedling grasses
  • No re-cropping restrictions
  • Registered for aerial application
  • Tank mix with Varro® for even greater broadleaf weed control
  • Effective tank-mix partner with many grassy herbicides
  • Effective resistance management – contains Group 6 (bromoxynil) and Group 4 (MCPA) active ingredients
  • Dual modes of action provide both systemic and contact activity
  • Available in Bulk for added convenience


Application Tips

0.4 L/ac. (20 ac./jug)


Wheat (spring & durum), barley and oats From the 2 leaf stage until the early flag leaf stage
Winter wheat From the 2 to 4 leaf stage in the fall or from the time growth commences to the early flag leaf stage in the spring
Fall Rye From the time growth commences in the spring to early flag leaf stage
Flax From the time it is 5 cm high up to early flower bud stage (5 to 10 cm gives best results)
Corn From the 4 to 6 leaf stage
Canary From the 3 to 5 leaf stage
Seedling grasses From the 2 to 4 leaf stage (establishment year only)
(established grown for seed production)
Apply prior to shot blade in the seed production year
(established grown for hay)
From the 3 to 6 leaf stage


  • One 8 L jug = 20 acres (one 2 x 8 L case treats 40 acres)
  • 128 L Bulk shuttle = 320 acres
  • 400 L Bulk tote = 1,000 acres


Water Volume


  • Minimum of 5 US gal./ac. (20 L/ac.) in all crops except corn and seedling grasses
  • For corn, minimum of 21 US gal./ac. (80 L/ac.)
  • For seedling grasses, minimum of 16 US gal./ac. (61 L/ac.)


  • Minimum of 3 US gal./ac. (11 L/ac.)
  • Recommended minimum of 4 US gal./ac. (16 L/ac.) when there is a heavy crop canopy


  • One hour after application


Residue and Grazing
Do not graze or cut for forage hay until 30 days after spraying


Re-cropping Intervals
No re-cropping restrictions


Tips & Tricks

  • Fine to medium droplet size is important for optimum coverage
  • Use appropriate water volumes to maximize control; use flat fan nozzles (no raindrop or floodjet nozzles)
  • Travel at proper speeds (5 to 10 km/hr.)
  • Use proper pressure: 40 psi (275 kPa)
  • Do not spray flax in hot, humid weather when daytime temperatures exceed 28°C

Resistance Management

Resistance Management

Discover how Buctril® M herbicide and its Group 6 mode of action can help you manage costly and damaging herbicide-resistant weeds.

Buctril M herbicide – Group 6 has no known resistance in Western Canada

Buctril M has been a top-selling brand covering millions of acres for 50 years. Pre-dating the commercial release of glyphosate (Group 9) and many other chemistries, there have been no documented cases of resistance to Group 6, the active in Buctril M, in Western Canada.

  • Powerful control of 28 broadleaf weeds, including weeds with resistance
  • Group 4 and Group 6 active ingredients make Buctril M an effective resistance management tool
  • Dual mode of action provides both systemic and contact activity


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