Break the cycle of Foxtail barley

Tank mixing Olympus herbicide with your pre-seed Roundup® application and following it with an in-season application of Velocity m3 Varro® or Luxxur™ herbicide provides exceptional control of flushing foxtail barley, downy and Japanese brome in your wheat.

Additionally, you get enhanced control of wild oats, and volunteer canola and many of your other toughest weeds, ultimately providing your crop with unrestricted access to the nutrients and resources it needs to flourish.

Application Tips

Registered application rate: ~6gm/ac of Olympus (1 bottle treats 80 acres) + 450-900 g a.e./ha of Roundup®

Crops/Application Timing
Herbicide can be applied up to one week prior to planting spring, durum and winter wheat, or immediately after planting but prior to crop emergence. DO NOT apply to crops under sown with legume species.

Water Volumes
Ground Minimum of 46.8 L/ha (5 gal/ac.)
Aerial Minimum of 28.1 L/ha (3 gal/ac.)

Rainfast four hours after application

Residue and Grazing
DO NOT harvest wheat for grain or straw within 71 days of application. If tank mixing, always respect the maximum pre-harvest interval stated on the labels of all the tank mix products

Sprayer Cleanup

Before and after using Olympus herbicide, always complete a thorough cleaning of the spray tank, lines and filters. The following procedures are recommended:

  1. Drain the tank completely, and then wash out tank, boom and hoses with clean water. Drain again.
  2. Half fill the tank with clean water and add ammonia (i.e., 3% domestic ammonia solution) at a dilution rate of 1% (i.e., 1 Lof domestic ammonia for every 100 L of rinsate). Complete filling of the tank with water. Agitate/recirculate and flush through boom and hoses. Leave agitation on for 10 minutes. Drain tank completely.
  3. Repeat step 2.
  4. Remove nozzles and screens and soak them in a 1% ammonia solution. Inspect nozzles and screens and remove visible residues.
  5. Flush tank, boom, and hoses with clean water.
  6. Inspect tank for visible residues. If present, repeat step 2.
  7. Dispose of rinsing in accordance with provincial regulations.

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