Option Liquid


Option® Liquid provides broad-spectrum control of grassy and key broadleaf weeds in corn with a wide window of application from the one-to-eight leaf stage of corn.

Application Tips


  • Option Liquid is the only sulfonylurea (SU) corn herbicide available as a liquid formulation
  • Wide window of application from the one- to eight-leaf stage of corn
  • Excellent broadleaf weed control with many approved broadleaf partners
  • Superior crop safety – pre-formulated with a patented safener
  • More re-cropping options than other SU herbicides
  • Weed growth stops within a week after application. Yellowing symptoms appear and weed desiccation may be quicker than Ultim® and Accent® due to enhanced activity with adjuvant


Can be applied from the one- to eight-leaf stage of corn
For maximum corn yield, apply Option Liquid early during the three- to five-leaf stage of corn
Base timing on the broadleaf tank-mix partner’s label


Registered application rate 0.63 L/ac. (1.56 L/ha)


Application Tips

  • Rainfast two hours after application
  • Apply on young, actively growing weeds
  • Pre-harvest interval: 70 days
  • Grazing/forage interval: 45 days
  • Follow seed company recommendation charts for hybrid sensitivity to sulfonylurea herbicides/ALS inhibitors
  • Degrades within the soil by natural soil processes, allowing for a wide range of re-cropping options


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