Nothing protects your soybean crop from aphids, bean leaf beetles and other insect pressure like Concept® insecticide.

Formulated with OTEQ® technology, Concept has two powerful modes of action, delivering a quick knock-down and long lasting residual control. It’s all the help you need to take care of your problem insects.

Application Tips


  • Quick knockdown and residual control
  • Two powerful modes of action
  • Patented O-TEQ formulation


Crop Insects Rate Pre-harvest interval
Blueberries (lowbush and highbush) Blueberry aphid 560 mL/ha
(227 mL/ac.)
14 days
Head and stem
brassica vegetables – broccoli, Chinese
broccoli, Brussels
sprouts, cabbage,
Chinese cabbage
(napa), Chinese
mustard cabbage,
cauliflower, cavalo
broccolo, kohlrabi
  • Aphids
  • Cabbage looper
  • Crucifer flea beetle
  • Diamondback moth
  • Imported cabbageworm
650 mL/ha
(263 mL/ac.)
7 days
  • Aphids
  • Colorado potato beetle
  • European corn borer (suppression)
  • Leafhopper
  • Potato flea beetle
  • Tarnished plant bug
650 mL/ha
(263 mL/ac.)
7 days
  • Bean leaf beetle (suppression)
  • Japanese beetle
  • Soybean aphid
325-650 mL/ha
(132-263 mL/ac.)
20 days
Tomato Colorado potato beetle, Tomato hornworm 650 mL/ha
(263 mL/ac.)
7 days


Apply once the target pest population has reached economic thresholds according to local recommendations.


Application Tips

  • Apply once the target pest population has reached economic thresholds according to local recommendations
  • Do not apply more than three applications per season
  • Do not apply Concept following a seed treatment or soil application of a Group 4 insecticide
  • In lowbush blueberries, apply post bloom during fruit producing years and anytime during the vegetative year
  • As seen in research trials, Concept has performed well in hot weather
  • No surfactant required  
  • In highbush blueberries, apply post bloom
  • Concept is registered for aerial application on soybeans and potatoes


Pre-harvest Intervals

  • Potato, tomato, and head and stem brassica sub-group 5A: 7 days
  • Blueberry: 14 days
  • Soybean: 20 days


Region:  Other

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