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FINISH is a cleaning agent that can be used for cleaning all pesticides from commercial sprayers. FINISH is recommended by manufacturers for  VELOCITY M3®,  REFINE® EXTRA, ALLY®, MUSTER®, EXPRESS® PACK, FRONTLINE™, SIMPLICITY®,SPECTRUM™, FRONTLINE 2,4-D. As some pesticides have specific cleanout recommendations, always refer to the product label for cleaning instructions.

Application Tips

Directions for Use

  1. Immediately after use, drain and flush tank, sprayer booms and hoses with clean water
  2. Fill tank with water while adding 1/2 litre of FINISH CLEANER for every 100 litres of water. This container will treat 2,000 litres (400 gallons) of water.
  3. Agitate and flush sprayer system completely.
  4. Rinse and flush with a small amount of water.


  • As some pesticides have specific cleanout recommendations,always refer to the product label for cleaning instructions.
  • This is a cleaning agent only and does not de-activate or break down the pesticide being removed.
  • DO NOT clean sprayer near wells, or water sources, or near desirable vegetation. Dispose of rinse water in an approved manner.
  • DO NOT mix with chlorine bleach. Using ammonia with chlorine bleach will release a gas with a musty chlorine odour which can cause irritation to eyes, throat and lungs.
  • Do not freeze.

Active Ingredients

7% Ammonia

Labels and MSDS


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