EverGol Energy


EverGol® Energy is a new systemic and contact seed treatment fungicide designed to provide seed and seedling protection against a wide range of diseases. By focusing on the most important seed and soil-borne diseases (rhizoctonia, fusarium, pythium, botrytis, phomopsis, as well as smut and bunt on all labeled crops), EverGol Energy provides quicker emergence, healthier plants, and higher yields for your crop.

Application Guidelines


65 mL/100 kg of seed
This product contains no dye. An appropriate seed colourant must be applied.


Seed treatment


50L drums


Water Volumes
Dilute EverGol Energy (with water, inoculant, insecticide) enough to achieve uniform distribution on the seed




EverGol Info

Start Strong. Finish Even Stronger.

Your crop has the best chance of success when it gets off to a strong start. EverGol® is the innovative seed treatment fungicide that provides the ultimate protection to give you healthier plant development, faster growth, and higher yields.

EverGol has been specifically designed to protect your seed against seed and soil-borne disease during crucial early development and then throughout the season. With its unique Group 7 active ingredient, penflufen, EverGol offers your crop unparalleled defence against diseases such as rhizoctonia. The result is stronger roots with more nutrient uptake giving you a significant and positive impact on stand establishment.

The 3 F Advantage

EverGol, with its innovative formulation, will help make your crops:

  • FIT – Disease-free plants with more developed roots produce healthier plants that are stronger, taller, have bigger stems, and more biomass.
  • FAST – Young plants have more vigour and vitality, emerge quicker, and grow faster.
  • FIRST – Healthier plants and faster emergence results in better crop establishment and more biomass so you can come in first with higher yields.


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