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So many ways to be rewarded

BayerValue West Rewards Calculator


Save up to 25%.

Calculate your savings today with the BayerValue Calculator and watch the rewards stack up!

The calculator is easy to use and with a few simple inputs, you’ll have an accurate estimate in minutes showing how much you can save with the 2023 BayerValue West Rewards program. It will also identify ways for you to maximize your savings.

Ready to start calculating your savings?

It’s easy to get started.

Here’s a quick check list of the information you’ll need:

  • 2023 crop intentions
  • Seed and trait acres
  • Seed treatment acres
  • Herbicide acres
  • Fungicide acres

Not sure what products you’ll be using this season yet?

Not a problem. Take a spin through the calculator and it will guide you through recommended products based on your crop selection and help you find new ways to save.

It’s important that you complete the calculator in one session as information is not stored - but you can come back and use the calculator as many times as you’d like. You'll also be able to save a PDF copy, print and email it to your Retailer, Bayer Sales Rep or yourself for your records.


Disclaimer: This Calculator is intended to provide an estimated costing and breakdown of rewards and discounts. Every effort has been made to ensure that the Calculator matches Bayer Crop Science's MSRP and other pricing. Because of potential price changes by both Bayer and third parties, this is an estimate only. To gather exact pricing and discounts, please visit your local Retailer or contact your Bayer Sales Rep.

Maximize Your Rewards

3 Segments for Savings

3 segments for savings icons

Save up to 10% on your Bayer crop protection products when you purchase minimum 300 acres per segment from 2 or 3 program segments: seed treatments, herbicides and fungicides.

Seed Treatment Rewards

Seed treatments icon

Purchase a minimum of 500 acres of Seed Treatments and save up to 5% of SRP on eligible products.

NEW Trait Bonus

Checkmark icon

Purchase a minimum of 500 acres of Bayer brand seed^ and/or Bayer Trait9 and receive 5% in additional savings.

QUALIFYING TRAITS: Roundup Ready® canola, TruFlex™ canola, TruFlex™ LibertyLink® canola, Roundup Ready 2 Yield® soybeans, Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® soybeans, Roundup Ready® Corn 2, SmartStax® RIB Complete® corn, Trecepta® RIB Complete® corn, VT Double PRO® RIB Complete® corn and XtendFlex® soybeans

Incredible Bayer Offer™

Incredible Bayer Offer logo

Early book 1,000 acres of Bayer herbicides by March 10, 2023 and save up to 5% of SRP on eligible products.

Complimentary Fieldview™

Climate Fieldview logo

All BayerValue Program members are eligible to receive a complimentary subscription to the FieldView™ platform. Click here for more exclusive FieldView offers.

Calculate Your Rewards

What are you waiting for? Start calculating your BayerValue Rewards today and watch the savings stack up!

^ Includes DEKALB® LibertyLink® canola and DEKALB® TruFlexTM LibertyLink® canola
LibertyLink® Trait Technology is owned by BASF

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Due to privacy concerns, we will not store your personal information and selections.
It is very important that you complete the calculator in one session. Information is not stored and must be re-entered if not completed in one session.

Program and Legal Details

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