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Vios G3 Herbicide Bayer CropScience

Vios G3


From the start of the season to the end of harvest, it takes a lot of work to keep your corn looking its best – but it doesn’t have to. Tank-mix Vios® G3 with glyphosate for the broadest-spectrum weed control available from an in-crop residual herbicide*. Just one 1.78 L jug treats 40 acres of corn, keeping weeds out of your field and off your mind.

*When compared to competitors applied at the same timing.

Product Summary


Product Type

  • Herbicide




  • Grass
Weeds Surpressed

Weeds Controlled (Top 6)

  • Spiny annual sowthistle
  • Barnyard Grass
  • Common Chickweed
Groups and Active Ingredients

Groups and Active Ingredients

  • Thiencarbazone-methy Group 2
  • Tembotrione Group 27
Formulation Type

Formulation Type

  • Suspension


  • 1.78 L Jug (40 ac)

Key Product Points

  • Tank-mix with glyphosate for the broadest-spectrum weed control available from an in-crop residual herbicide.
  • Ideal for protecting your field corn, keeping weeds out of your field and off your mind.

Application Tips


  • Must be tank-mixed with glyphosate or Liberty® herbicide
  • Registered for use in field corn
  • Residual control of tough weeds (including group 2, triazine and glyphosate resistant biotypes)
  • Contains two powerful new active ingredients, Group 2 thiencarbazone-methyl and Group 27 tembotrione
  • Easy-to-use concentrated liquid formulation; a 1.78 litre jug treats 40 acres
  • Registered for ground application


From the 1-6 leaf stage of corn


Vios® G3 herbicide 110 mL/ha
Liberty 1.0 L/ac
Glyphosate Refer to glyphosate label

Application Tips

  • Vios G3 provides residual weed control. Consult the label of the tank-mix partner for specific rainfast intervals
  • Vios G3 must be tank mixed with either glyphosate or Liberty. It should not be applied alone
  • When tank mixing, first add Vios G3 to ½ tank of water, followed by the tank-mix partner
  • Apply with ground equipment. Do not apply by air
  • Winter wheat can be planted four months after application

Active Ingredients


Resistance Management

Tank-Mix Flexibility

Must be tank mixed with glyphosate or Liberty


Resistance Management

Vios® G3 provides three modes of action when tank mixed with your choice of glyphosate or Liberty®. Each active ingredient works on both grasses and broadleaf weeds, making it the ultimate choice for resistance management.


Field Corn

Weeds Controlled

Annual sow thistle
Barnyard grass
Common chickweed
Common ragweed
Common Waterhemp
Eastern black nightshade
Giant Ragweed
Green foxtail
Large crabgrass
Redroot pigweed
Wild buckwheat
Wild mustard
Yellow foxtail

Labels and SDS

Province of Registration

New Brunswick
Nova Scotia
Prince Edward Island

Approved Tank Mixes

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