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Option Liquid Herbicide Bayer CropScience

Option Liquid


Option® Liquid provides broad-spectrum control of grassy and key broadleaf weeds in corn with a wide window of application from the one-to-eight leaf stage of corn.

Product Summary


Product Type

  • Herbicide


  • Field Corn
  • Blueberry Low Bush


  • Grass
Weeds Surpressed

Weeds Controlled (Top 6)

  • Barnyard Grass
  • Bristly Foxtail
  • Common Chickweed
Groups and Active Ingredients

Groups and Active Ingredients

  • Foramsulfuron Group 2
Formulation Type

Formulation Type

  • Oil Dispersion


  • 6.5 L Jug (10 ac)

Key Product Points

  • Option Liquid provides broad-spectrum control of grassy and key broadleaf weeds in corn.
  • With a wide window of application from the one-to-eight leaf stage of corn.

Application Tips


  • Option Liquid is the only sulfonylurea (SU) corn herbicide available as a liquid formulation
  • Wide window of application from the one- to eight-leaf stage of corn
  • Excellent broadleaf weed control with many approved broadleaf partners
  • Superior crop safety – pre-formulated with a patented safener
  • More re-cropping options than other SU herbicides
  • Weed growth stops within a week after application. Yellowing symptoms appear and weed desiccation may be quicker than Ultim® and Accent® due to enhanced activity with adjuvant


Can be applied from the one- to eight-leaf stage of corn
For maximum corn yield, apply Option Liquid early during the three- to five-leaf stage of corn
Base timing on the broadleaf tank-mix partner’s label


Registered application rate 0.63 L/ac. (1.56 L/ha)


Application Tips

  • Rainfast two hours after application
  • Apply on young, actively growing weeds
  • Pre-harvest interval: 70 days
  • Grazing/forage interval: 45 days
  • Follow seed company recommendation charts for hybrid sensitivity to sulfonylurea herbicides/ALS inhibitors
  • Degrades within the soil by natural soil processes, allowing for a wide range of re-cropping options

Active Ingredients


Resistance Management

Re-cropping flexibility

10 months

  • Alfalfa
  • Dry common beans
  • Field corn
  • Field peas
  • Field tomatoes
  • Fresh market tomatoes
  • Head cabbage
  • Potatoes
  • Processing peas
  • Red clover
  • Soybeans
  • Spring barley
  • Spring canola
  • Spring oats
  • Spring wheat
  • Sugar beets
  • Sweet corn

4 months

  • Winter wheat


Resistance Management

Where possible, rotate the use of Option or other Group 2 herbicides with products from different groups that control the same weeds in the field.


Field Corn
Blueberry - lowbush

Weeds Controlled

Barnyard grass
Bristly foxtail
Common chickweed
Common ragweed
Eastern black nightshade
Fall panicum
Green foxtail
Large crabgrass
Proso millet (suppression)
Redroot pigweed
Wild mustard
Wormseed mustard
Yellow foxtail

Registered Tank Mixes

Aatrex® Nine-O
Atrazine (various formulations)
Banvel® II
Callisto® + atrazine
Pardner + atrazine

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Province of Registration

New Brunswick
Nova Scotia
Prince Edward Island