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Unlock more than savings with BayerValue and FieldView

Your FieldView subscription is complimentary, and it’s a gamechanger.

There’s never been a better time to introduce a digital platform to your farming operation. As a BayerValue™ member, you can get a complimentary subscription to FieldView™. That means you can test drive digital farming’s leading software platform at no cost. Your complimentary access to FieldView gives you all the features that are included in a subscription, such as yield analysis, field region reports, field health imagery, and manual scripting for seed, fertility, and crop protection. So what are you waiting for? Sign up for your complimentary subscription and start putting your farm’s data to work for you today.

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Get Started

BayerValue Program members can get a complimentary subscription to the FieldView platform by following these steps:

  1. Obtain your Unique Bayer Code
    1. Not sure if you are a BayerValue member? If you were registered in the BayerValue Rewards Program in 2022, you are automatically re-registered for 2023. You can also confirm your BayerValue status here
    2. If you’re not a BayerValue member yet, click here to register. Once you’re signed up, follow the steps below to get your complimentary FieldView subscription.
  2. Visit to create an account, then sign in
  3. In a few easy steps you can complete your purchase. Select ‘Buy’ from the top right corner of your screen and add a subscription to your cart. Also, add any hardware you may need at this time.
  4. Add your Unique Bayer Code at checkout as your promo code. You can obtain your Unique Bayer Code here.
  5. Are you also purchasing a FieldView Drive or other hardware? Use promo code BVHARDWARE23 to save up to 50%.
    Note: you can use two promo codes when checking out.
  6. Start using FieldView to drive insights for your farm
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Save 50% on FieldView hardware.

Get 50% off your hardware purchase*, including the FieldView Drive. Your FieldView Drive plugs into the diagnostic port of your equipment and allows you to collect streamed data from equipment across your farming operation. Data is streamed from the Drive to an iPad via Bluetooth. Use promo code BVHARDWARE23 at checkout to save up to 50% on your FieldView hardware.

2023 BayerValue Program and Legal Details

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