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Stress Shield Seed Treatments Bayer CropScience

Stress Shield


New Stress Shield® 600 seed treatment insecticide provides systemic and contact activity to protect spring wheat, winter wheat, barley, oats, edible beans, peas and soybeans. Stress Shield acts quickly to prevent early season damage from harmful pests such as European chafer, Japanese beetle, bean leaf beetle, wireworm and seed corn maggot. You’ll also get the longest residual control of aphids available from a seed treatment. Stress Shield can be applied with new EverGol Energy fungicide for complete insect and disease protection.

Product Summary

Seed Treatment

Product Type

  • Seed Treatment


Diseases Controlled

Diseases Controlled

Diseases Supressed

Diseases Suppressed

Insects Controlled

Insects Controlled

Groups and Active Ingredients

Groups and Active Ingredients

  • Imidacloprid Group 4
Formulation Type

Formulation Type

  • Suspension

Active Ingredients

    –   Group 4 insecticide


Wheat (spring and winter)
Edible beans

Insects Controlled

Bean leaf beetle
European chafer
Japanese beetle
Potato leafhopper
Pea leaf weevil
Seed corn maggot
Soybean aphid

Tank Mixes

  • EverGol Energy fungicide seed treatment for rhizoctonia and other major seed and soil-borne diseases at a rate of 65 mL/100kg of seed
  • Allegiance FL for control of early-season Phytophthora at a rate of 35 mL/100 kg seed
  • Raxil seed-treatment fungicide for cereals

Application Guidelines


104 mL and 208 mL/100 kg of seed (refer to label for details)


Seed treatment


27 L, 31 L and 100 L drums


Water Volumes
Dilute Stress Shield 600 (with water, inoculant, fungicide) enough to achieve uniform distribution on the seed




Tips & Tricks

  • Uniform coverage is necessary for optimum performance
  • An appropriate seed colorant must be added to Stress Shield before application
  • Agitate before using. Continuous agitation of Stress Shield with the diluent (water) or liquid inoculant is recommended.
  • Check with inoculant manufacturers for application and compatibility details