Varrofield Clean

With outstanding control of wild oats and other problematic grass weeds, Varro® herbicide provides you with a clean wheat field you can be proud of. A powerful early-weed removal specialist, Group-2 Varro offers effective resistance management and exceptional value to help ensure the profitability of your farm.

Early Weed Removal To learn more about how you can achieve a +10% yield increase with Varro herbicide, click here.

Application Tips

0.20 L/ac.


Crops/Application Timing
  • Apply Varro from the 1 to 6 leaf stage on the main stem up to emergence of the third tiller, but before appearance of the first node (jointing)
  • Avoid crop injury: do not apply an ALS herbicide such as Varro following the appearance of the first node
  • Under drought conditions: do not spray Varro herbicide if >35 days between seeding and spraying, as drought hastens crop development
  • Do not spray within three days before or after cold temperatures (3°C or lower)


Water Volumes
  • Ground – minimum of 5 US gal./ac. (19 L/ac.)
  • Aerial – minimum of 3 US gal./ac. (11 L/ac.)


  • One hour after application


Re-cropping Intervals
Safe to plant within 10 months following Varro application: alfalfa, barley, canary seed, canola, chickpeas, corn (field), dry bean, flax, lentils, mustard, oats (spring), peas (field), soybeans, sunflowers, timothy and wheat (spring, durum, and winter)


Residue and Grazing
Do not:
  • Graze the treated crop or cut for forage hay within 7 days or cut for hay within 30 days of application
  • Harvest wheat (spring or durum) for grain or straw within 60 days of application or winter wheat within 72 days of application
  • Re-enter treated fields within 12 hours of application


Resistance Management

Varro provides strong performance on grass weeds including Group 1-resistant wild oats and foxtail, making it an important part of your herbicide resistance management strategy.

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