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Costing canola growers an average 10% yield loss, or more depending on the severity of infection, sclerotinia can wreak havoc on growers' bottom lines. With this much to lose, you can count on the number one brand choice of canola growers in Canada – Proline® fungicide. More growers use Proline for reliable control of sclerotinia than any other canola fungicide. Simply apply a timely application to your canola between 20 to 50% bloom stage and you've effectively reduced infection rates by up to 80%.

Take a closer look at how Proline reduces sclerotinia infection:

Western Canada 4-Year Canola Results

Canola demonstration strip trial (DST) results show that Proline offers, on average, greater than 10% yield gain over the untreated check.

Western Canada 4-Year Results

Canola Competitor Results Under High Sclerotinia Pressure

All fungicide applications outperformed the untreated check under high sclerotinia pressure, but Proline led the way with a 16% yield increase.

Canola Bloom Guide



  • Canada's number one canola fungicide
  • Easy-to-use liquid formulation 
  • Treats 80 acres in one single case
  • Treated acres outyield untreated acres, even when sclerotinia isn’t visible
  • Manages risk of disease overwintering in the soil and sets the field up for future years’ crop
  • Cleaner fields result in faster swathing and combining at harvest
  • There is always a yield benefit, increasing proportionately with infection rates


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In order to purchase InVigor hybrid canola or Liberty herbicide, growers will need to sign a one time Liberty & Trait Agreement (LTA). Growers can sign up at their local retail.

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