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Mid Maturity  
Multi Genetic Clubroot Multi Genetic Clubroot
Straight Cut Straight Cut
Blackleg Resist Blackleg Resistance
Image of a DEKALB TruFlex Canola with Roundup Ready Technology Yellow Bag
This canola hybrid provides a variety of benefits:
  • Offers a new novel source of multi-genetic clubroot resistance within the DEKALB® hybrid lineup that provides durable protection against a broad spectrum of clubroot pathotypes including 3H, 3A, 2B and 5L
  • High yield potential hybrid with straight cut genetics giving harvest flexibility to delay swathing or straight cut
  • TruFlex® canola providing enhanced weed control and flexibility in spray timing and rates
  • Mid-maturity, similar to DKTF 98 CR. Well suited to all clubroot zones tested.
  • Blackleg – R Rating (A,G)
Image of a DEKALB TruFlex Canola with Roundup Ready Technology Yellow Bag
TruFlex Canola Logo
TruFlex® canola TruFlex® canola is part of our improved canola system designed to give farmers flexibility for their growing conditions, enabling a broader pesticide application window and application rate. Because of this increased flexibility, the TruFlex canola system allows for the control of a broad spectrum of weeds and helps farmers achieve a higher yield potential in a way that works for their farms’ unique challenges. Learn More TruFlex® canola
Provinces of Sale
  • Alberta AB
  • British Columbia BC
  • Manitoba MB
  • Saskatchewan SK

Product Characteristics

Herbicide TraitTruFlex® canola
Blackleg RatingR (A,G)
Blackleg Rating % of Westar28%
Fusarium WiltResistant
Plant Characteristics
Plant HeightMedium
StandabilityVery Good
Harvest ManagementStraight Cut
Harvest EaseExcellent

Rating Scale
  • 1 - 2=Excellent
  • 3 - 4=Very Good
  • 5 - 6=Good
  • 7 - 8=Fair
  • 9=Poor
  • N/A=Not Available
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