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The Roundup® Advantage

Roundup WeatherMAX® and Roundup Transorb® HC herbicides provide convenient, easy-to-use broad spectrum weed control even in tough conditions. Roundup herbicides come with some of the best guarantees in the industry, backed by years of top-tier research and development.

Effective Penetration

Roundup WeatherMAX and Roundup Transorb HC herbicides' speed and efficiency at penetrating the leaf surface is key to its unsurpassed performance.

Roundup Performance

By rapidly moving glyphosate down to the growing points of the weed, Roundup WeatherMAX and Roundup Transorb HC herbicide delivers effective and consistent weed control.

Rapid Translocation

Roundup WeatherMAX and Roundup Transorb HC herbicide's formula rapidly moves glyphosate down to the growing points of the weed delivering effective and consistent weed control.

Effective in Tough Conditions

Roundup WeatherMAX and Roundup Transorb HC herbicide's consistent formulation and unsurpassed rate of both penetration and translocation reduves the impact of environmental factors like cold, heat and rain which means it is guaranteed to perform well, even if the weather doesn't.

Green Corn tall plants field with thick stems and wavy leaves.

Roundup Convenience - Smarter Control

Provides unsurpassed weed control that works even in tough conditions

  • Proprietary surfuctants provide quick penetration of glysophate into the weed
  • Rapid translocation quickly moves glyphosate to the growing points of the weed
  • Roundup Transorb® HC herbicide provides rainfast weed control in 60 minutes
  • Roundup WeatherMAX® herbicide provides rainfast weed control in 30 minutes

Total Required Herbicide Jugs, Based on 100 Acre area

image of jugs
11.25 Generic A
image of jugs
15 Generic B
image of jugs

Each jug = 10 litres of herbicide. The graph above shows how generic products with a lower A.E. don't always measure up when it comes to effective control and value.

Products Salt A.I (g/L) A.E (g/L) A.E Rate (kg/ha)
Generic A IPA 647 480 2.52
Generic B IPA 480 360 3.36
Roundup WeatherMAX K 600 540 2.24
Roundup Transorb HC K 600 540 2.24

While many generic glyphosate brands promote lower input costs, a look at the numbers shows that farmers will need more of a lower Acid Equivalency (A.E.) product to achieve the same weed control from just 1 litre of a Roundup® branded glyphosate-only agricultural herbicide.

A.E. is the measure that defines efficacy; the higher the A.E. applied per acre, the better the weed control.

Some generic brands will promote A.I. (active ingredient) vs A.E.

Higher use rates needed for effective control with lower A.E. products can result in higher application rates, which can increase costs and take up more room in the tank

Green Corn tall plants field with thick stems and wavy leaves.

Roundup Guarantee

Backed by industry leading guarantees and warrantees the Riskshield® protection package includes:

  • Roundup Transorb HC 60-minute Rainfast Guarantee
  • Roundup WeatherMAX 30-minute Rainfast Guarantee
  • All Weather Warranty
  • Crop Safety Guarantee
  • Roundup Brand Service Plan

Roundup Transorb Herbicide Weed Control Comparison Timelapse Videos

video thumbnail | Lambs-quarters Test 1
video thumbnail | Lambs-quarters Test 2
video thumbnail | Cleavers Test 1
video thumbnail | Cleavers Test 2
video thumbnail | Wild Buckwheat Test 1
video thumbnail | Wild Buckwheat Test 2
riskshield protection package

When you use either Roundup WeatherMAX or Roundup Transorb HC herbicide you get the added peace-of-mind that comes with the Riskshield protection package.

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