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If diseases had an archenemy, it would be us.

It's Grow Time™. Protect your yield with us: Canada's fungicide experts.

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Farmer sitting in tractor cab with sun in background with green and black overlay. It's Grow Time logo in top righthand corner. Farmer sitting in tractor cab with sun in background with green and black overlay. It's Grow Time logo in top righthand corner.

In Season

Light cream colour background with clumps of hay in the background. Text overlay reads 85% of farmers believe we should do more to combat the stigma. URL in lower right corner.

Hay, Are You OK?

We're working to help break the stigma around mental health and farming. Join us.

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Delaro Complete fungicide jug in black and grey on a black background with pulse crop climbing up jug.

We've made the best even better.

The new benchmark in pulse disease control: Delaro® Complete fungicide.


Mid-season green wheat crop close up with blue cloudy sky in background. Prosaro PRO logo in top right corner.

Manage FHB, ergot and more in your wheat and barley.

Prosaro® PRO provides exceptional protection in high disease situations with three powerful actives.


Overhead shot of yellow canola crop flowering with centred Proline GOLD fungicide logo overlayed.

Get next-level protection against sclerotinia.

Proline® GOLD offers outstanding protection in high disease pressure situations in your canola.

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Field of late-season corn with cloudy blue sky and sun setting in background. Overlayed is the Farm Forum and Bayer logos in white.

Farm Forum magazine has a new online home.

Find agronomy tips, lifestyle content & more from Farm Forum magazine.



Make data-driven decisions to maximize your return on every acre.

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Bayer Traits

The Bayer trait portfolio delivers proven performance season after season.

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BayerValue Rewards

There are so many ways to be rewarded with the BayerValue Rewards Program.

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Tools & Resources

See performance in your area with our Fungicide Trial Maps.

View detailed fungicide trial summaries including crop, moisture level, disease pressure and more.


Deciding on fungicides? We've made it easier for you.

Use the Fungicide Selection Tool to determine what's right for your crop this season.


Find your ideal mix to tackle tough weeds this season with our Tank Mix Tool.

Select the Bayer herbicide you're using and explore the list of supported tank mix partners.


Stack up your rewards with BayerValue.

Use the BayerValue Calculator to maximize your savings on seed and crop protection this season.


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