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Mid Maturity 0.4 Days relative to DKTFLL 21 SC
Straight Cut Plus Straight Cut Plus
Early Maturity Early Maturity
Image of a DEKALB LibertyLink Canola Green Bag
This canola hybrid provides a variety of benefits:
  • DKLL 83 SC is a DEKALB® LibertyLink® hybrid featuring early maturity along with a high yield potential
  • Features straight cut plus genetics designed for improved pod integrity for enhanced shatter protection
  • Includes the LibertyLink® trait providing tolerance to Liberty® herbicide (not glyphosate resistant)
  • Blackleg – R Rating
Image of a DEKALB LibertyLink Canola Green Bag
Value Added Traits
Liberty Link
LibertyLink® Canola The DEKALB LibertyLink® hybrid choices give you the option to continue with the genetic potential and disease management you know and trust from today’s leading DEKALB canola hybrids, while offering you the opportunity to only use Liberty® herbicide. Learn More LibertyLink® Canola
Provinces of Sale
  • Alberta AB
  • British Columbia BC
  • Manitoba MB
  • Saskatchewan SK

Product Characteristics

Herbicide TraitLibertyLink® Canola
Relative Maturity**0.4
** Maturity Relative to DKTFLL 21 SC, Bayer Market Development trials
Blackleg RatingR
Blackleg Rating % of Westar23.4
Fusarium WiltResistant
Plant Characteristics
Plant HeightShort - Medium
Harvest ManagementStraight Cut Plus
Harvest Ease
Rating Scale
  • 1 - 2=Excellent
  • 3 - 4=Very Good
  • 5 - 6=Good
  • 7 - 8=Fair
  • 9=Poor
  • N/A=Not Available
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