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DEKALB. With you every step of the way.


Challenging the status quo is not for the faint of heart.

You face new challenges every day. But they don’t knock you down – they give you a chance to stand taller than ever before. At DEKALB®, we’re with you through the challenges. Whether you grow canola, corn or soybeans, count on advanced genetics and innovative trait technologies to help you start stronger, control better and yield bigger.

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See how to get more out of your DEKALB seed.

Four colour coded bags of DEKALB Canola Hybrids (red, green, yellow and grey)

Canola Hybrids

Strong disease protection, plus straight-cut, early maturity and multiple herbicide trait options make DEKALB canola hybrids the right choice for any operation.


Corn Hybrids

Excellent genetic diversity, strong agronomics and wide range of grain and Silage Ready™ hybrid options for any condition means there’s a DEKALB corn hybrid that’s perfect for your farm.

Four colour coded bags of DEKALB Corn Hybrids (brown, white, orange and red)

Three colour coded bags of DEKALB Soybean Varieties (blue, green and grey)

Soybean Varieties

DEKALB offers varieties with high yield potential and market-leading traits across a range of maturities. With DEKALB soybean varieties, there are first-rate options for your rotation no matter where you farm.


Trial Data

Trial data reports depicted on mobile and laptop devices. Trial data reports depicted on mobile device.

The Trial Results Are In

Our farmer-led Market Development trials provides local data of how DEKALB products perform across a wide range of geographies and agronomic conditions to choose the right product for your growing conditions.

Review our trial data to see how we compare.

View multi-year summaries

Individual plot reports let you see how DEKALB products perform near you.


Seed Treatments

Buteo start logo

BUTEO start Advantage

In trials, BUTEO® start demonstrated superior performance versus other industry seed treatments. Canola treated with BUTEO start showed stronger plant stands and a bigger, fuller canopy at the flowering stage – even in dry conditions and areas of high flea beetle pressure.

Source: Bayer Market Development Trials (photos taken July 7, 2020, Carseland, AB). Treated seeds were seeded the same day.

Offers and Rebates

Unlock savings on DEKALB seed and Bayer crop protection products.

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DEKALB Canola Summer Sizzler and DEKALB Instant Discount

Save up to $50/bag on canola seed with the DEKALB Canola Summer Sizzler and Instant Discount when you book 500 acres with your retail by October 5, 2022.
Plus, save $25/bag on canola and corn and $1.00/unit on soybean seed with the DEKALB Instant Discount when you book with your retail by December 15th, 2022.

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BayerValue West Program

With the BayerValue West Rewards Program, save on leading crop protection products for your farm. See the full selection of Bayer products that qualify for savings.


The DEKALB story. Over 100 years and still growing.

1912. DeKalb County, Illinois. A group of farmers gather to discuss what farmers have always talked about. No, not the weather. These famers wanted to discuss ways to improve yield for themselves and each other. They were called the DeKalb Agricultural Association.

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The 2023 DEKALB® Seed Guide is here!


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